Megadrive (Genesis): Sega's finest hour. With the 16bit Megadrive, Sega managed to oust Nintendo from #1 for once in the States, and gained healthy popularily in Europe and it's home territory, Japan.

Unfortunately, the Megadrive also heralded the temporary death of the shooter, as everyone got so sick of the shmup glut at the time. Only now is a recovery being made with a few releases for modern consoles, but during the early nineties a shooter connoisseur could amass hundreds of them!

Key shooters on the Megadrive must include the seminal Thunderforce series, Aeroblasters and Ranger X, and to a lesser extent, Steel Empire, Gynoug and Hellfire.

Action 52    
Aero Blasters (PCE review) [aka Air Buster] Kaneko  
Alien Soldier    
Aleste [also MUSHA] Compile Mecha Aleste! Whohoo! Trip thru furture Japan in a giant robot...
Arrow Flash Renovation Very average Macross inspired shooter...
Atomic Robo-Kid Treco "Remember - go for the eyes"
Battle Squadron Electronic Arts  
Bio Hazard Battle Crying A shmup with sea monkeys. Weird, but cool!
Bio Ship Paladin [also Gunship Gomora]    
Burning Force Namcot  
Cross Fire [also Super Airwolf] Kyugo  
Contra HC Konami  
Dangerous Seed Namco  
Darwin 4081 Sega/Data East  
Divine Sealing   Yes, the ONLY hentai shooter for the Megadrive
Elemental Master Techno Soft/Renovation  
Eliminate Down Soft Vision  
Fire Mustang Taito  
Fire Shark    
Forgotten Worlds Sega (original arcade: Capcom) Sidescrolling game featuring a pair of goons carrying rifles. Ability to shoot in eight directions doesn't help this poor game...
Gadget Twins Gametek  
Gaiares Telenet/Renovation Shmup with weapon stealing capabilities. Classic or not? Bearer of mixed opnions...
Gain Ground Telenet/Renovation  
Gley Lancer NCS  
Granada X Wolf Team  
Grind Stormer    
Gynoug [also Wings of Wor] NCS Corp Okayish shmup feat. a guy with wings...
Heavy Unit   Pants. Badly designed. Awful gameplay. Need I go on?
Hellfire Toaplan/NCS  
Insector X Sage's Creation/Taito  
Magic Girl    
Master of Weapons Taito  
Mega SWIV    
Phelios Namco  
Raiden Trad   Conversion of the classic Raiden vert scroller.
Sagaia [also Darius 2] Taito  
Slap Fight    
Smash TV Williams Multidirectional runabout 2 player shmup
Sol-Deace Wolf Team  
Steel Empire [also Battlewings] Hot-B  
Sub Terrania    
Super Fantasy Zone Sunsoft 1992, great version of the Sega classic
Super Space Invaders Taito  
Task Force Harrier EX Treco 1991
Thunderforce 2 Tecnosoft Part two of the 'Drive's most famous shooter series... over head unidirectional scroller with some sidescrolling included...
Thunderforce 3 Tecnosoft Part three, thoe one that really set the standard for fast action sidescrollers. Also "plus-alpha"-ed as Thunderforce Arcade and Thunderspirits on the SNES
Thunderforce 4 [also Lightening Force (sic)] Tecnosoft The best on the 'Drive? Maybe. Seminal and classic sidescroller, and one that really set the scene for things to come.
Trouble Shooter Vic Tokai  
Trouble Shooter 2 [aka Battlemania 2] Vic Tokai  
Truxton [also Tatsujin]    
Twin Cobra    
Twin Hawk    
Twinkle Tale Toyo Recording co./WAS  
Undead Line    
Vapor Trail    
Verytex Asmik  
Viewpoint   A pretty decent conversion of the popular Neo Geo and Arcade isometric scroller
Whip Rush Renovation Products  
XDR X-Dazedly-Ray Unipacc  
Xenon 2    
Zero Wing Toaplan  


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