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Reviewed by Shizukana Wolf

You "literally" are an avenging angel summoned to kick butt and take names in this unusual shooter from the folks who brought us Target Earth. The game moves pretty fast, even on easy setting. Most of the time, while fighting bosses, you are looking for a way to slip past waves of bullets, and I do mean waves.

Weapons: Your main weapons can shoot in three different styles, and can be powered up by blue/red crystals. Basically, the higher the power, the more bullets spewing forth. They are:

    1. Blue, a straight forward spread. Nothing guarding your back.

    2. Red, forward shooting with some shots guarding your back.

    3. Yellow, Front and rear spread, this one is not found all that often.

Along with your main weapon, you pick up scrolls that can be used for additional firepower support. You can only hold onto 3 scrolls and any extra you pick up, boots one out of the line up in favor of it. There are also speed up feathers, but don't over dose on speed, not good for bullet dodging.

Graphics: The graphics are decent enough, though some of the stages are kind of bland looking. This game does however push the envelope of the genesis with some rotating effects. The first stage is a cave and twice during your flight through it, will the foreground and background rock violently back and forth. Stage 5 is much better looking while in motion! Now where the graphics do shine is in the bizarre creatures and bosses you fight. Some can be downright... disturbing. Check out the screen shots to see what I mean :) Challenge: This game is challenging even set on easy. Of course, you do have the options of normal, hard and hyper. Enemies take more hits and you see more bullets flying around to add to the chaos as you hike up that difficulty setting.

Music/SFX: The music is pretty catchy. Stage 1 and 4 are my favourites, most tunes seem to fit the stages. Though the SFX is a bit lacking, with all these strange and gory looking things, there are no squishy sound effects :)

Overall?: Gynoug is a pretty decent shooter, something a bit different to battling ships all the time. It's worth a play, even if to see the demented bosses, but don't expect anything from the ending...

RATING - 8.5 / 10

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Excellent review Shizukana! Very nicely done and with a good bunch of screenshots. The game looks awesome graphics-wise.. Those gory sprites almost make you "pee your pants" =)

All these new reviews just make me want to go and do some of my own, but I just ain't got time =( Either I do reviews, or I update Shmups. What do you guys prefer? =) I guess I'll wait for my vacation to do some of them.

- Akira


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