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Latest Reviews

Cho Ren Sha 68k Famibe No Yosshin PC 2005 Skinnytie
Dimahoo Eighting/Raizing (distributed by Capcom) Arcade 2000 Howard Lovecraft
Gunbird Psikyo Arcade 1994 O. Hakubi
Trizeal Triangle Service Sega Dreamcast 2005 Herr Schatten
Raiden DX Seibu Kaihatsu Arcade/PS1 1994/97 Randorama
東方文花帖 (Touhou Bunkachou) Shoot the Bullet Team Shangai Alice/ZUN PC 2005 Dai jou bu
Cardinal Sins M-Kai Wonderswan 2005 Druuna
Vasara 2 Visco Arcade 2001 O. Hakubi
Airrade Studio SiestA PC 2005 Trisa
Gokujyou Parodius Konami Arcade 1994 Master O.
Parodius Da Konami Arcade 1990 Master O.
Atomic Robo Kid Treco/Sega Megadrive   Fangs Echidna
Strikers 1999 Psikyo Arcade   Thomas Tran
Imperishable Night Shanghai Alice PC 2004 Bloodflowers

>> For older reviews, please see the Xenocide Files.

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