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The most itchy thing I get asked is, can I submit a review and actually get it published?. Well, it hasnt really been possible for a wee while, and now I think the main thrust of this redevelopment is to allow that to happen again, on a regular basis. Even if nothing else happens, NEW reviews will keep going up. Isn't that nice?

Click here if you want a shmups template review to put your own review into. Its just an html file and some common graphics, try and retain the folder structure when you unzip please. It's not perfect, but its simple enough and it will be easy if you know a little html. Ask if you get stuck, although there are notes dotted around it! If you don't know html, or don't want to make it up, don't worry, just ignore this bit!

I'm going to make it really simple, with few, and relatively loose rules.

First, the game has to be a shmup, obviously. Yes I know I put in some dodgy reviews originally of platform games and things but let's ignore that shall we. You don't need to remind me I'm very aware of it :) If you aren't sure, please ask first before spending ages writing a review of Mega Man 7.

Next, there's a particular format I'd like to see when reviewing. It's very simple, it's not set in stone, so don't worry if your review is NOT exactly the same format.

  • Full information on the Title of the game, platform you are reviewing it on, year it was produced, and the company that made it. Include a snap of the title screen too please! That's hopefully not too hard.

  • Then, A main body of the review which covers all the important aspects of it, the gameplay, graphics, audio and any opinions and comments you have on it. What I really want to make clear is that reviews should, from now on, at least try and cover gameplay features that make it unique. For example, a review of Raiden Fighters should describe the medalling techniques so integral to those games. I've read too many shallow reviews on other sites, it would be nice for once to actually have an understanding of the gameplay techniques out in the open.

  • Next, a bunch of screen shots with appropriate captions describing whats going on, or even better, little hints and things which demonstrate the gameplay in action... something useful and informative... This is where I have to apologise for thousands of useless captions from me. When you are doing captions, please refer to the filename of the screenshots - obvious I know :)

  • Now, you might not agree here, but lets have a limit on the amount of pics. I know it was me who started putting up multiple pages for each level with about 150 screens on each - lets cut out the dross and have crucial pics up, rather than loads of the same old everyday cannon fodder filler screens. You will probably notice I have some new reviews up with 40+ pics on them and some with decidely less. It's not really the amount of them, its the importance of them, and the quality of descriptive captioning.

  • Score it please, a score out of TEN!! Yes, finally decided on this, out of 5 wasnt enough variation and percentages, well, I never worked out the difference between a 97% and a 98% game meself... Try and score fairly - average being 5 and 10 being the very best.

  • Then, lastly, something I've always wanted to do - a bunch of relevant links to other information on other sites about the game. There's huge amounts of great info on fansites and tips and tricks out there, it would be nice to have all information available in one place for once. If there is nothing at all on the game, don't worry - that's why Shmups is here - to provide info on games that just isn't available just now.

And yes - you can review a game that's been reviewed already if you think you can do better, or totally disagree with any existing ones and want to try and set the record straight!

Now, as a wee indicator, I've gone and reviewed a couple of games there to show the style I'd like, the sort of things I expect to be said about a game and its features. Have a look at Cyvern and Bakraid reviews.

I've went and made them a bit long though, cos I was enjoying meself, but never mind. I really want to make sure the reviews I'm going to feature COVER the game adequately, and aren't just an uninformed opinion with little actual showing off of the game itself. In a way, shmups reviews aren't strictly reviews, they started off six years ago as something I called Showcases (euurgh) but that describes what I'm still trying to do.

This means that anything I've already done myself that didn't adequately cover the game (Axelay anyone?) are not going to get included in this shmups site, and any new reviews which aren't in depth enough and leave out important aspects of the game are not going to get included either. Sorry if this sounds really harsh, but I'm trying to maintain a bit of quality :)

So to recap, don't worry if your review isn't exactly as per these outlines. They are suggestions, ok? Just try and make the review the best review you possibly can!!

Then zip it all up and send to me, at


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