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Reviewed by Postman

Where, oh where is that rare, hardly before seen copy of Thunderforce I? I hear that it exists for something like a pocket calculator, that's how primitive the computer system is that runs it. After playing the rest of the Thunderforce series, everyone seem to be searching for the rare gem (which will probably be a sad game....), but going on an assumption here, I can say that TF2 is a great improvement over TF1.

Without even playing the first one, TF2 look like it had some thought put into it. But if and when TF1 shows up, I'm sure it will be on Shmups.

Thunderforce II is a very innovative game, combining a free roaming "destroy the five or so bases" level with side scrolling shmup action that we are used to. It is similar to Axelay, alternating between base\side scroll every other level. The weapon system is a classic, with a variety of choices to blast the enemy with: wave, backshot, hunter, etc.

TF2 has great music, as in the other games in the series, and even -=tries=- to do a voice over (you'll understand when you hear it). The base levels are difficult because they move very quickly, and enemies, walls and bullets are on top of you before you know it.

Frustration also arises when you can't find that last base and keep flying around in circles. The side scroll levels are great, yet also challenging: this game's pace is very, very fast, and you may need to play through a few times to learn patterns (as with most any game).

But overall, even if just for the side levels, TF2 and the rest of the series are considered shmup classics. PLAY THEM!


Look out you Level 1 pushover alien bastards, cause the postman is on the prowl!



Does everybody have to rip off Salamander :-)


Ah, here's probably the most conventional boss I've ever seen in a game...a Tank. Of course Tank bosses have been in games for nearly a decade, so they did something revolutionary. The made a REALY big Tank Boss!!!


Yes its confirmed, wierd semi-orgainic mechanical beings to blast, it must be technosoft!


The boss from the salamand...err...I mean, wormy type level.


They'll never find me here!

Wonder why they ditched the top down stuff in the later games, probably so people would at least consider buying them.


Look out for the flying apples!!!

Steve obs must be pissed.


Yay, a winer is postman!

I think Lago will probably want to copy this GIF onto his Zany VideoGames Quote page.

...wonderfull, ending animation, I get all teary eyed when I see EGA graphics in their full glory!


If I dont like no Thunderforce 2, I ain't never gonna like no Thunderforce 2, but what they hey! Its something to put up. Seems like we are in a slump for new reviews =P

Roger Sent me 51 screenshots of this me these are the best ones, I am not that skilled in wepage design.



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