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Steel Empire

Reviewed by Ditto-(DC)

Everyone's played 1942, right? Fly your little plane, shoot some enemies, kill a boss. All with a ship visible only with a magnifying glass. Steel Empire is, essentially, a side scrolling 1942 with lots and lots of cool add-ons.

However, instead of being a mainly WWII type of shmup, Steel Empire draws from one of the most bizzare minds in history: Jules Verne.

Yep, this game is an old-school sci fi game. No huge battle spaceships with electon cannons here. In fact, the most powerful weapon in the game is a flame thrower.

Most of the bosses borrow directly from his works. Behind all that Julesy stuff, though, is a VERY solid shmup. With interesting levels, bosses, enemies, and story, this is one shmup-fest you shouldn't miss.

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Check out Julio Verne's wackiness in 4 pages of glorious shmup mayhem!

Good job here Ditto! A huge review from a game I never heard of before. It's a pretty cool one, but the Zeppelin spaceship is just way too lame =) The speed section on level 2 is pretty fab, but too damn difficult. The ship just doesn't have the speed necessary to pass it! (at least my ship =P)

- Akira


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