Reviewed by Roger Post

Ok, to be perfectly honest with you, Verytex isn't the best of games. Taking the time frame into account, the music is pretty bad, the graphics are under par, yet Verytex by Asmik (I think this is a mistake and it should say Amisk...not sure-Malc? Nope it IS Asmik - stupid name anyway!) can be somewhat fun.

Take the standard shooter formula (3 weapon types, bombs, and bosses) across six levels and you have a rainy day, nothing-else-to-do type shump. About the only other comment I have for this game is that one of your weapons is so wide it takes up the whole screen (but it is very weak), which was different.

Also, the last boss is SO very hard....I hate when games do this! Its a breeze up to the end, then *smack*! right into a brick wall so that you can't finish the game! I feel that some game makers ask impossible things of the players: they program situations that you just can't handle and you need a bit of luck.

I may be blowing this a little out of proportion, but just read the description of the last guy......

Score: 4/10

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I prefer my Verytex char broiled, and very well done, on rye bread. Perfect game at a BBQ.

Midway through level one, the background here is annoying because it confuses you as to what is going on. Another thing I hate about some shmups is the "too much movement/background" which blends objects together and equals many deaths.

On the plus side, Verytex has some cool bosses. Here, with my trusty shield, the first level boss is about to be "dis-armed".

Why do so many baddies shoot cheerios at you? They are part of a balanced breakfast, and do much more good than harm. (actually Roger, I think if they played the song from the Cheerios tv advert they'd fry you right away with the ridiculously nonsensical lyrics. Does my head in that. - Malc)

Level two midboss. They have tanks on other planets? Maybe tanks are universal.

Take the level two boss serious now...those lazers cut 90 degrees and come flying at the bullets in the JFK assassin theory, they rebound at all funky angles.

Here's the wide weapon I was talking (typing) about, the flaming horseshoe.

Picasso entitled this painting "Twin level boss fight over dilapidated Paris city"

Level four's boss throws his wings at you.....

Then vomits truckloads of projectiles your way.

Here it is, the "battleship" level, though these just mainly do a flyby.

If the missiles don't get you, the sword strikes certainly will.

Level six is like lifeforce...guts and intestines all over the me indigestion....

This midboss splits up and then reforms around the center block...which is the only weakness.

Ok, this last boss really stinks. The arms here sweep the whole screen length,
so take them out quick. Save bombs for a little while though.

The second form is two red arms and heat seeking fireballs.
You have permission to use bombs now.
Still reasonable in difficulty though.

Now comes the ridiculous part. The final(?) form has random eyes that open up
and shoot lazers at you, some straight and some diagnal, with those heat seeking
fireballs on your tail also. I must admit I cannot beat him yet, so ending pics
are still forthcoming. I always did hate brains.....


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