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Eliminate Down
(What's up with this title? Are we attacking pillows or something?)

Reviewed by Roger Post

Ok, now I know that Malc started the review on this one, but with only three screen grabs and a short little review, I just couldn't sleep at night knowing that this gem of a shooter was only half completed. What an underrated game this one is... huge bosses, tight play control, high challenge level especially on the most difficult mode... after a lull of reviews, I had to put the finishing touches on my 8th favorite shmup.

E-Down reminds me of, and maybe a sequel to, Hellfire (I think this is the one), where you start the game with three or four different weapons: a frontal attack, a back attack, and a diagonal attack. Rather than grab a powerup to switch between them, you hit a button to switch and powerups increase the strength of all three collectively. E-Down has the same sort of weapon system. Forward plasma, diagonal missiles, and back arrows, along with a standard front laser which is the strongest weapon when fully powered to a thin white beam (like dental floss).

E-Down has many mini-bosses and different level situations, such as the missile field Malc mentioned, two giant twin trash compactor things to contend with, a choosable path in one level, and a dimension spanning battle to end things off. While there is no earth shatteringly new about ED, the graphics, game play, and level design just seem to click right into place. Down's music is also a little above average, and the tunes seem to fit the level. This game is similar to R-Type in that you have to know the levels well enough to choose the proper weapon, else it's a quick defeat for the hero. ED also features a little mini-game in the options menu, where a grid of ships is displayed on the screen, and your duty is to move a square onto every ship that moves and blast it, with the game starting out very slow and ending at blazing speed. A nice little addition to a great shoot'em up... the only downside is the NAME! Yes it's different, but why?!?!?

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The Postman strikes again! And as always, he does a great job! Eliminate Down is a game that seems like one of those that hook you up and never let go. I played it for some time until my HD crash, and I have to say that the graphics on some sections look impressive! Good ol' Genesis =)

Well, we already have our first official Roger review posted. Lots more from him on the way shmuppers! Stay tuned!

- Akira


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