SNES: Nintendo's response to the Megadrive, the SNES boasted a better palette, great sound and a variety of special graphics modes. Sadly though, for some reason shooters were very thin on the ground for the SNES, although the ones we did get were mostly top quality, like R-TYPE III and Super Aleste. As is the norm, most shmups didn't make it over to the west (I'm really getting tired of typing this fact) but a heap of smelly platformers from the US and Europe did.

This glut of poor software effectively killed off the SNES before its time, coupled with the decisions to not bring across many of the best RPGs which gamers were crying out for, like Seiken Densetsu 3 and Chrono Trigger (to the UK that is). Time and time again, they make the same mistakes.

Acrobat Mission (snes review) Teichiku/UPL 1992
Aerofighters (snes review) [aka Sonic Wings] McO'River  
Axelay Konami Vert/horiz scrolling like Salamander, fantastic gameplay, excellent graphics.
Bio Metal Atlus  
Blazeon Atlus 1992
Caravan Shooting Collection Hudson 1995
Choplifter III: Rescue Survive Beam/Extreme 1993
Cosmo Gang: The Video Namco 1992
Cotton 100% Datam Polystar/Success Cute'em up with a witch on a broom killing giant evil pumpkins. Kawaii!
Cybernator Konami Assault Suit shmup
Darius Twin Taito 1991
Dezaemon Athena  
Dimension Force Asmik 1991
Dropzone Eurocom/Psygnosis 1994
Flying Hero Sofel 1992
Fuzzy Shooting Gokuraku/Okiraku 1994
Gokujyou Parodius Konami The second on the SNES, one of the best shmups out there. Loads of humor and variety!
Gradius III Konami A scaled down arcade conversion, good in it's own right, but suffers from heavy slowdown
Hunt for Red October RSP 1992
Ikari no Yousai Jaleco  
Imperium Vic Tokai 1992
Jikkyo Oshaberi Parodius Konami Third in the series, incredibly cool, huge and loads of secrets. One of the very best shmups out there...
Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie Big West/Zamuse Shmup based on the famous anime. Excellent gameplay!
Marchen Adventure Cotton 100% Datam/Polystar That weird cute'em up witch on a broom...
Operation Logic Bomb [a.k.a. Ikari no Yousai] Jaleco Smash TV gameplay and some excellent design levels...
Parodius Konami First in the series of parodies. Still a classic!
Phalanx Kemco 1992
Pop'n Twin Bee Konami Vert scroller, the other Konami cute'em up. Wickedly fun!
R-Type III: The Third Lightning Irem Could be the best R-Type going, with loads of challenge and three different Force Devices
Raiden Densetsu Seibu Kaihatsu 1991
Rendering Ranger R2 Rainbow Arts A hybrid platformer/shmup, the shooter levels are ace!
SD Gundam 2 Bandai A very plain and boring Gundam license. Good for something to play when you have ran out of other things to play...
Smash TV Williams Multidirectional runabout 2 player shmup
Sonic Wings [aka Aerofighters] Video System 1993
Sonic Wings 2 Video System  
Space Invaders Taito 1994
Space Megaforce (aka Super Aleste) Compile 1992
Spriggan Powered Naxat 1996
Strike Gunner Athena 1992
Super Earth Defense Force Jaleco 1991
Super R-Type Irem 1991
Super Swiv [also Fire Power 2000] Coconuts 1992
Supernova [also Darius Force] Taito 1993
Syvalion   1992
Tekkaman Blade    
Thunder Spirits Technosoft 1991
UN Squadron [also Area 88] Capcom/Daipro 1991
Zone Wani 1995


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