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This is a bit of a first for Shmups. Previously we've been very serious blokes, sensibly pounding away on 'proper' shooters that you wouldn't feel too embarrassed playing. 100% Cotton is a bit different, it's... CUTE!!! No, come back! I don't know how you feel about the Parodius Series, by Konami. Personally I've lost count of how many different variations there are of Parodius. I 'quite' like them, but give me a proper Gradius any day.

100% Cotton is very similar to Parodius, it's just as mad, and even more cute. Get this. You control a sweetie-addicted witch, with fairies for multiples, and your foes are cuddly lions and angry mushrooms. Little Robin Hoods coyly try to spike you with arrows, and knives with eyes and grim faces do their best to chib you. I haven't played this to the end, as I was beginning to feel a bit queasy I have to admit. Still, its got some annoyingly catchy music and some beautifully drawn backgrounds, with some imaginative bosses and enemies, and it plays like a shooter should - difficult, addictive and FUN! Try it out, but don't have a big lunch first!

Score 7/10

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Isn't this lovely? Makes you feel all warm and spewy inside.

Aha! The sick minds that created this game eh? Ooh, look at the wickle cutey wutey fairy thats hiding inside that pumpkin! KILL HER!! Bwaahahaha!!

Dya remember when your wee brother was making towers from Lego? And you waited until he got a HUGE tower and was about to put the last bit on the top? And you accidentally (heh heh!) knocked it over for him? Yep, so do I. Do the same to the pumpkin tower here.

Baseball playing Snowman - he throws a snowball up in the air and blats it straight at you. Worryingly, he turns yellow when hit a few times. I don't like yellow snow.

Mushroom boss. A Bast and no mistake. avoid the bouncy spikey balls and sautee the bugger.

You have three types of special attack, an effective rain of stars, an electric blot blast, and this firey dragon one. What an aim eh? Amen't I fab?

As you sit back and relax a bit, Cotton quietly gets HARDER! As you can see from the next screen, I didn't get past this swamp tree. Best bit is when he shoots out a branch, and a squirrel hops along it knocking off acorn grenades. Mad.

Game Over. I don't usually show game over screens, but this one is great. How many other games show your character depressed in bed because she didn't beat the game and get her Giant Sweetie?


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