Caravan Shooting Collection - Hudson Soft

Caravan Shooting Collection

Reviewed by The Postman

Well, the CSC is a nice gaming idea in concept: bundle together 3 shooters on one cart. Sounds good, right? Not. This just didn’t work for me. Choose between Star Force, Star Soldier, or Hector ’87 and blast away.

Only problem is that all these games are lame. This is NES quality on a SNES system. C’mon, you’ve got a nice piece of hardware in the Super Famicom, use it! The best graphics are on the game select screen, for cryin’ out loud! SF and SS are basic textbook one-button shooters, with outdated graphics and sound, and the only thing that remotely redeems this is Hector ’87. Hector offers a shield system as opposed to the other games one hit wonderness, and it has both horizontal and vertical scrolling.

There’s even some bosses with personality to boot - what a package deal. I still couldn’t be bothered to play past level 2 though….now that’s saying something. I guess the only reason I want to review this was for it’s rarity. And the hope that perhaps Compile will take this idea and do a Aleste pack, or a Thunderforce pack from Technosoft.

[Aye, there ARE Thunderforce packs :) - Akira]

Is this all I can pick from? Yawn. I’d swear I was playing the same game in all three almost

Let’s see…..If I was back in ’85, I’d be eleven years old, David Lee Roth would be leading Van Halen again, and the NES would be the hot system on the market. Ugh…long live 2001!

[Hey, it's better than having the X-Box as the hot system on the market! :P - Akira]

The arcade version of this game is much, much better (as it most often times is…) !

They could have at least updated the graphics to the SNES level….this is just sad

The alphabet has been getting out of line lately and spelling words without vowels. It’s up to you to put them letters back in their place!

[Nt.n.prblm.mthnks?? :P - Akira]

A is for... Awful, Atrocity, Another much better game, Abomination, Ashamed... you get the point.

[American games market? - Akira]

Get your points or get out of this game..!! This game has more b’s than Dodonpachi.

Strike two, coming up...

SS improves a litle in quality, but is still pretty lacking. Gameplay is soso... gets very boring for me after about evel three.

[Hey, this is Soldier Blade's grandad, pay some respect :D - Akira]

Starship Hector, named after one of the nerds that built it.

Hector plays like Xevious, with air and ground targets.

Shoot those idols for shield recharge.

Overhead bosses remind me of Aleste... lots of shooting and multiple guns.

The side levels... this game is still pretty bad no matter what plane you are on.

Watch out for the flame wall, or just run into it and end the misery.

The stone snake second boss. Maybe this game gets cooler as you play? I’m betting it doesn’t.

[Shit, that's one ugly thing. And somebody give him some Alka-Seltzer - Akira]

This might be one of the few reviews where I disagree with the Postie a bit... I actually like Star Force to bits, and no matter how old it looks, I still like it. Leave the dull surface aside and it will be an entertaining game. Not anything to call home for, but still a nice timezapper. for those boring cloudy afternoons :)

- Akira


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