"Excuse me, I think I'm in the wrong ROM. My name's Kirby, and
this plumber guy gave me the wrong directions......"


Reviewed by Roger Post
(Great! saves me from having to play the cutey games! - Malc)

I could never get into the "cutsey shumps"- Parodius, Twinbee, 100% Cotton.......Something about the combination of blast-everything-in-your-path and happy smiley sunshine funland just doesn't mix quite right. However don't let the "ages 6 and under" theme trick you into thinking this is an easy shump. Flying Hero offers eight levels of heartwarming challenge.

Nothing new in the concept though: choose yer speed (1, 2, or 3), choose yer weapon (1, 2, or 3) and blast the baddies. Extra powerups are little owl-like things that home in on enemies, which consist of flying monkeys, fishies, teddy bears.....oh, brother. Just let the pictures speak for themselves...(can I go back to normal shmups now, like Thunderforce?)

Score 7½/10

line.gif 0.1 K

This game is full of bosses, mid-bosses, executive bosses, supervisors, and temps, mail clerks, you name it.....this one's a happy little bat.

The level 1 boss "shadows" herself with some cool mode 7 effects.

Rock throwing teddys of level two. The term teddy bear came from Teddy Roosevelt (the only thing I remember from history class).

Level two mini who looks like a stone rendition of George Washington. This level must have a presidental theme... He spins around as you'd expect in his glorious mode7-iness, but isn't particularly well animated.

Here we Reagan, which bounces back and forth and throws rocks at you.

(Erm, I'm not so sure about that Roger, looks more like Tony Blair to me - Malc)

Level two boss is a cat with chicken legs, which was so disturbing we didn't show it here. I REALLY prefer spaceships and such. Shiver me timbers! Half way through level 3 you meet the mini pirate bird, and at the end... Here comes the sun, du du du du .....(Note to Malc: Beatles reference, I'm not sure how much of US culture I can get away with, but I'm sure you know of the Beatles ;) - HOI! we invented them! :) - Malc

Make sure you turn off the background on level 4, or else you won't see past the water. (That's if you're not using ZSNES in 16bit colour and transparency mode - Malc). Here's a little trick too: Three cupcakes makes for a weapon powerup, and when you get hit you lose weapon strength; so keep your stock at two until you get hit, then you are ready to just grab the third right away. Works with Gradius, too. Speaking of Gradius, which reminds me of Life Force, this mini has flailing arms like that second level boss.

Level 5 is basically a miniboss level. Be careful not to get squished between the block maze. The first guy reaches into his head and throws parts of his brain at you. Great way to learn your presidents! Second Boss:Now what do gun turrets do again?? This breaks into fourths, tries to squish you, then shoots a lot. Exterminate with extreme prejudice. Third Boss: Green Duck Thing: I didn't know you could shoot behind for the longest time. Don't ask how I manage to beat this guy without it. Hold the presses! A mech, in a cutsey game! He's not happy, an animal, pink, or even pleasant! Disable him, body part by part, until only the head is left, which still attacks you.

On to level 6, which at first I thought was a repeat of level one. This mini reaches out to give you a nice, big *hug* (but with guns on those arms).

The level 6 boss looks like that orange jello I like. Make sure speed is up to three, he takes up the whole screen and wiggles and jiggles a lot.

A level 7 baddie, this woman appears a lot.

More level 7 subbosses. Looks a bit like one of the Final Blaster bosses.

This was just so cute....ssssshhhhh, you'll wake Mr. Moon...

Yet another miniboss.

Looks like a bottle opener I got last Christmas - Malc

The level 7 boss. I was laughing at him, he's so pathetic. Close your eyes, put one hand behind your back, make him difficult.

The door to level 8, the FINAL level (There's scary music in the background in case you didn't get the point).

"HaHaHa....Nobody can escape the wrath of the four-handed DragonBallZ guy!

Q:What has three modes and flies?
A: The last boss. The first mode he shoots lazers, then flashes white and darts at you. Keep speed at three, and timing is crucial. Second mode plays pattycake, and you have to keep up. No, really, just dodge the lazers. Third mode he just teleports at rushes at you, not worth picturing. Keep attacking, and use bombs as much as possible.

"I'm so happy, I can take this stupid cap off now!"

Bye, bye, cutsey land, it's back to outer space for this shmupper...

Ah, thanks Roger, Malc here.... Will you LOOK at the gloves and boots on that lassie? Not exactly pretty are they? Probably belong to her sweaty farmer dad.

What'll we do next then? Haven't done a Parodius ye... SPLAM!! BIFF! EEK!


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