Weapons System

Well, in the typical Gradius fashion you get to customise some of your weapons to your liking, although in Interstellar Assault all you get to mess around with are the missiles, doubleshots and laser configurations. But it's enough. Here's what you can configure them to, and my choice of the day is higlighted...

The missiles aren't anything to shout about. you get your basic single, and the Double missile (which needs to be powered up twice) and the Back Souble missile. Go for the forward Double missile, obviously, for the coverage.

The doubles are more varied, and they are pretty self explanatory. Go for the Twin Double if you want laser strength weaponry quickly, if not, go for the Tailgun for behind protection.

Lasers are rapid firing in this game compared to other Gradius games. The pick of the lot is the Twin Laser, which is very rapid firing, passes through enemies (therefore hits multiple times) and is very powerful. Don't bother with anything else!

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