Just cruisin' along in your Vic Viper Turbo, when some of your vastly oversized chums get wasted. Okay, now it's time to run...

That bigass ship chases you for the good part of a few minutes. A rather annoying thing, it can sail right through this asteroid field without batting an eyelid...

...into this cavern...but then it gets stuck. HA! COME AND GET ME!

These large snakes torment the Vic Viper throughout level 1, and can only be destriyed by blowing up the head. Go for them, as they yield much needed powerups.

Oh, so that's what happened to Gabriel after Jesus was born... :)

This big floating alien blocks off progression and gets rather shirty (is that possible? and where did that saying come from??). Blast it into oblivion quickly!

Whooooooooo...gets rather cramped quickly here!
We're in the organic section of the game (what shmup doesn't have an organic area? errr...plenty...)

Baby Metroids! RUN!!!!!!!

The only difficult part in level 1 is here, when loads of these prawn-things burst from the floor and ceiling, and bombard the Vic.You WILL be guaranteed hell if you don't have loads of decent weapons at this point!

And here is the first boss. Aim for the brain in the stomach (?).
It'll get rather picky and splurt loads of these bullets at you, but there is a safe point where it'll miss with EVERYTHING! Thing is, you gotta find it first!

Ahh, clever. Destroy the main brain, and this one comes to take its place!
Kill it quickly, or you'll become brain food! (groan)

Damn it's an ugly looking brute ain't it? =)

Level 1 is over! Now choose your destination from the menu below!

Choose your Destination!

You are on the Level 1 Section!

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