I think Axelay took its end of game cue from Gradius Interstellar, except of the slight differences. In Axelay, the boss tries to stop you as you escape, while here, you try to stop the boss as it escapes...see?

Recognise these wrecks? Yep, its your buddies, blasted to crap by this guy's mates! Get some revenge!

As you chase this enemy through the wreckage, remember these two things:
1) Don't hit anything bigger than you
2) Don't run into anything this enemy lays in front of you
3) Don't drink vodka and Coca Cola in the middle of the night (hic)

(I think that's THREE things Simon =] - Akira)

Eventually you should have shot it up the arse enough time to make it stop and try to laser you. It's quite easy to get used to, as all it shoots is a ripple laser which gradually gets bigger, and some small homing missiles. Just do the motions, and frag it!

That's it! Now go to the weapons section if you haven't done so before!

Choose your Destination!

You are on the Level 4c Section!

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