Frag this guy, and you go into re-entry, and this bosss disintegrates completely. Lets hope that we NEVER EVER meet this boss again!

(hmmm I guess not Simon, that would mean no more Gradius games =] - Akira)

Wow. In the tradition of last levels this level gets WELL packed! Formations of fighters make passes at you, spitting bullets all the way!

This mushroom is actually a turret tower with heavy bullet constipation, and it wants to shit bullets all over you! (ick, that sounds gross)

This floating mech decides to become the unconventional and drop things on you instead. Try and get it out of the way quickly, or it'll become a real pain.

Another mech who tries to drop shit on you. This one must really need the toilet, dropping things in groups of three...

And here is the first section boss. Just a big wall guard with some turrets and frag grenades, it shouldn't pose much of a problem. Unless, of course, you're inept at shooters =)

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