Well you finally got rid of that huge annoying menace which has been chasing you for a while. Time to go after the enemy base!

Ahh now we're in the asteroid belt. These enemies all follow one another so equip a weapon that goes through enemies and make it easier on yourself =)

These enemies emerge from that large passing asteroid. They do nothing except get in the way of progress so destroy'em quick!

Another mech standing in the way of progress. Has a plasma gun (how can you tell in greyscale graphics? =). Kill it.

This enemy grabs a hold of asteroid fragments and tries to ram you with them. The only thing you can do here is to avoid it, as killing them has no effect on the asteroid fragment itself, and will continue to come after you!

Recognise these? Yep, these are the Materialisers. They appear out of nowhere and come after you! and they really swarm after you here! Good thing is they drop loads of pwerups, preparing you for...

...HIM! Yes, it's the most recycled boss in the history of shootemups =)

Remember those volcanoes you had when you first met him in the arcade Gradius/Nemesis? Well it has them stuck to it here =)

Choose your Destination!

You are on the Level 3 Section!

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