Spectrum: I never had one of em, but Graham Goring probably did. Thank him for this large and comprehensive list of speccy shmupping, because it was him that did it. Graham says... "The Sinclair ZX Spectrum was probably the most popular 8-bit computer in the UK thanks to its ease of home-programming and huge catalogue of cheap software. And while the Speccy may not have had the hardware sprites and high-falutin' SID chip that the C64 had, it still played host to a number of excellent conversions of arcade classics (as well as a great many stinkers). There were even a good few home-grown shooters which played to its strengths to deliver solid bullet-filled thrills."

1942 Elite Systems Ltd Okay remake of the arcade game, nothing special - especially not the graphics
1943 Go! Decent remake of the even more insipid sequel with fairly plain graphics
Ano Gaia Your Sinclair Magazine Colourful and unforgiving
Arcadia IMAGINE Single-screen multi-wave shooter a la Galaxians
Bedlam Beam Software 128K Only shooter with shades of Dragon Spirit, only somehow worse
Cyberdyne Cyberdyne Rock hard shooter with Gradius-style power-ups.
Dragon Spirit Domark/Tengen Turgid shooter
Flying Shark Firebird Plays better than the arcade version (surely not! malc)
Gemini Wing Sales Curve Insect themed shooter
Gunstar Firebird Okay but nothing special
Hades Nebula Nexus Productions Ltd Unremarkable jet-plane shooter
Harrier Attack Durrell Jerky scramble style game
Havoc Players Premier Helicopter themed shooter
I, Ball Firebird Great budget shooter. Colourful and packed with bonuses and voice samples
I.C.U.P.S Odin Computer Graphics Look nice, plays badly. Only half of it is actually a shooter as it changes into a roamaround for the second stage.
Moon Cresta Incentive Generic space shooter, but well regarded in its day
Last Duel US Gold Bad conversion of a pretty average arcade game
License To Kill Domark Colourful Bond-themed helicopter shooter
Lightforce FTL Excellent colourful shooter with nice crunchy explosions
Slap Fight Imagine Plays very well but loops infinitely after the second boss. Bullets are nigh-on invisible on a small telly
Star Farce -   Budget price game which is obviously based on StarForce. Very colourful and with nice crunchy chain-reaction explosions
Star Pilot Silverbird Painfully slow 2-player split-screen vertical shooter.
Star Swallow TRC Software Frenetic but basic shooter
Star Trip Pegasus Developments Ugly and bad, but ace 128K music!
Starburst Minds Eye Software (Crash Magazine) Generic shooter that adds nothing new
SWIV Storm Very accomplished conversion of the 16bit helicopter/jeep shooter
Terra Cresta Imagine Very nice conversion.
Thunderceptor GO! Colourful, fast, smooth graphics. Bad game
Typhoon Imagine Ugh! Captain Generic!
Xarax Firebird Decent Xevious-a-like with co-op play
Xecutor Ace Software Difficult but colourful and good
Xenon Melbourne House Great conversion of the 16-bit classic
Xevious US Gold Faithful conversion of the arcade game

Agent X 2 (part 1)   Ridiculously easy shooter with haunting 128K sound track
Airwolf 2 Elite Systems Ltd Bizarrely left-to-right scrolling shooter
Atomic Robokid Activision Very much like the arcade game. ie, crap
Biggles Mirrorsoft Almost as bad as the film it's based on, which is saying something
Blowout (AKA: Body Snatchers) Design Design Very fast and unremarkable Defender rip-off
Chronos Mastertronic Kinda' plain shooter with excellent 48K music
Crosswize Firebird Incredibly difficult memory-test shooter
Dark Fusion Gremlin Graphics Cracking hybrid of platform shooter and flying shooter
Darius+ The Edge Software Colourful multiload with small levels
Defenda Interstella Software Copyright infringing clone
Dominator (also vertical) -   Rock hard and pretty bad but with some nice gooey graphic design
DNA Warrior Cascade Games Wholly unremarkable and sluggish horizontal shooter
Dragon Breed Activision  
Forgotten Worlds US Gold Colourful conversion of the terrible arcade game
Guardian 2 Hi-Tec Excellent Defender clone with lots of cool enemies
Hyper Active Special FX (Sinclair User Magazine) Cracking Dropzone clone with different wave types
Mr Heli Firebird Decent conversion of the arcade version
Nemesis -   Reasonable conversion of Gradius.
P-47 Thunderbolt Firebird Bad conversion of "P-47 The Freedom Fighter"
Phantis Dinamic Software Spanish shooter with a big-breasted heroine
R-Type EA Cracking version of the shooter full of colour and missing nothing from the arcade
Saint Dragon Storm Slow-paced but technically proficient shooter with great graphics and lots of variety
Salamander (also vertical)   Excellent conversion of the arcade game
Sidewize Firebird Incredibly difficult memory-test shooter
Silkworm Virgin Games Ltd Cracking Jeep/Helicopter shoot 'em up. Better than the arcade version!
Tanium Players Premier Slow paced space shooter. Nothing special
Thanatos Durrell Well, it's kind of a shooter
Transmuter Codemasters Game which steals much from Nemesis with the exception of anything approaching playability
U.N. Squadron US Gold Passable conversion of the passable arcade game
Uridium Hewson Smooth version of the C64 classic
Uridium+ Hewson All new levels
X-Out Rainbow Arts Monochrome underwater shooter
Zybex Zeppelin Monochromatic and badly constructed shooter with upgradeable weapons
Zynaps Hewson Beautifully colourful, but unforgiving shoot 'em up with Gradius-style power-ups.

Airwolf Elite Systems Rock hard flip-screen shooting game
Bosconian '87 Mastertronic Conversion of the arcade game only missing some features and gaining others
Cybernoid Hewson Great flip-screen shooter brimming over with weapons
Cybernoid 2 Hewson More of the same in the sequel, but nicer graphics
Firefly Ocean Mix of board-game, top-down shooter and reaction tests. Great!
Game Over 2 Dinamic Contains a horizontal shooter section similar to Phantis
H.A.T.E (Hostile All Terrain Encounter) Gremlin Graphics Isometric shooter, pretty good!
Implosion Cascade Fairly crud top-down shooter
Intensity Firebird Sort of like Dropzone meets Uridium but without scrolling
Island Of Dr. Destructo Mastertronic Bonkers BIP-style shooter where you have to sink ships by shooting planes down onto them
Jaws Screen 7 Ltd Flip-screen shooter a bit like Starquake underwater
Last Mission US Gold Crud top-down shooter
Leviathan English Software Awful isometric shooter with music by ZZ Top
Mask Gremlin Graphics Awful top down shooter based on awful cartoon
Mega Apocalypse Martech Inexplicably well-regarded Crazy Comets game
Moon Strike Mirrorsoft Bleh shooter with crappily designed enemies
Mutants Ocean Bizarre top-down shooter (man I loved this!! malc)
Netherworld Hewson Flickery surreal 4-way shooter
Operation Hormuz   Odd-controlling and generally blah shooter
Operation Thunderbolt -   First person side-scrolling and into-the-screen light-gun shooter
Operation Wolf -   First person side-scrolling light-gun shooter
Quondam Ocean Weird explorey shooter
Shark Players Premier Cybernoid under the water with colourful graphics
Task Force Players Premier Cybernoid style shooter
Thrust Firebird Rotatey gravity game, but really good (I die for this game. malc)
Thrust II Firebird Rotatey gravity game, but really bad (eww how could they mess it up!)
Super Space Invaders Domark Ltd Well handled arcade conversion
Xybots Domark Ltd Third person robot shooter
Zaxxon US Gold Isometric shooter, not great


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