Playstation - Grey Breezeblock of Fun: Sony's Playstation is best known for it's abundance of 3D titles available: racers, doom-clones, fighters and 3D blasters make up the huge majority of the titles on the machine. For those disenchanted with polygons, a quick hunt around importers will reveal a much larger variety of games. Shooters are beginning to feature regularly in the Playstation line up, even in the west with releases of Einhander, G-Darius, and Raiden Project.

As usual though, most Playstation shmups don't make it out of Japan, it's a damn shame that the likes of Pop'n'TwinBee Yahoo, Gradius Gaiden, and Sexy Parodius will remain unknown to most Playstation owners.

Air Grave   ?
Capcom Generations 1: 1942,1943,Kai Capcom Slightly measly pack of the WW2 shootemup series... where's 1941 and 19XX I want to know!!
Capcom Generations 2: Vulgus,Exed Eyes   ?
Cho Aniki   ?
Cotton Original   ?
Darius Gaiden Interbec (originally Taito) 1996, side scrolling shmup with some psyched out graphics. Also on Saturn.
Dezaemon Kids   ?
Dezaemon Plus   ?
Dodonpachi Atlus/Cave Sequel to Donpachi, more manic and eye straining than the first, and also more addictive. Also on Saturn and arcade formats...
Donpachi Atlus/Cave 1996, vertical format, also on Saturn and arcade...
Einhander Square 1997, Fabulous 3D polygon graphics, and 2D gameplay. Utterly awesome!
Gaia Seed   Side scroller.
Galaga: Destination Earth   ?
Game Paradise 2   ?
Gatchaman   Also known as G-Force and Battle of the Planets
Geki-Oh: Shooting King    
G Darius Taito 1998, best graphics ever in a shooter, gameplay not quite so hot.
Gradius Deluxe Pack Konami 1996, pack of Nemesis and Vulcan Venture, also on Saturn.
Gradius Gaiden Konami 1997, only on Playstation, one of the best Gradiuses with great graphics and classic gameplay.
Gunbird Psikyo Vertical scroller, semi cute stuff, very addictive Strikers 1945-like gameplay
Harmful Park   ?
Image Fight/X-Multiply   Compilation game pack
In The Hunt Irem 1995, slow and sluggish version of the recent Irem game.
Konami Antiques MSX Collection 1   ?
Konami Antiques MSX Collection 2   ?
Macross: Do You Remember Love?   ?
Moon Cresta   ?
N2O   Modern blaster, 3D format, but classic shooting gameplay.
Namco Museum 1   ?
Namco Museum 2   ?
Namco Museum 3   ?
Namco Museum 4   ?
Namco Museum 5   ?
Namco Museum Encore   ?
Nanotek Warrior   Warped 3D 'version' of Tempest
Night Raid   ?
Nichibutsu Arcade Classics   ?
Parodius Deluxe Konami 1995, Pack of the first 2 Parodius games, Paro and Ultimate Paro. Also Saturn version...
Parodius "Forever With Me" (aka Jikkyo Oshaberi Parodius) Konami 1996, third in series, more classic Parodius shenanigans... Also on SNES and Saturn
Philosoma Sony 1995, one of the first Sony shooters, under-rated multi format style.
Raiden Project Seibu Kaihatsu 1995 - Pack of Raiden 1 and 2, also 2 was released on Japanese Win95
Raiden DX Seibu Kaihatsu 1997 - Reworking of Raiden 2 only, rarer than Raiden Project, and probably more entertaining.
RayCrisis, aka Layer Section III Taito Awesome prequel to the much vaunted Layer Section, light years ahead of RayStorm... Converted arcade game...
Raystorm, aka Layer Section II Taito 1997 - 3D graphics, 2D gameplay. Doesn't live up to its prequel. Also on Saturn
R-Types Irem 1998 - pack of R-Type 1 and 2, Japanese version so sought after now, excellent value collection.
R-Type Delta Irem 1998 - Impressive 3D styled update of the classic mouldbreaking Irem shmup. Malc like!
[Felix the Cat like too! Best shmup on the PSX, period]
Salamander Deluxe Pack   ?
Sanvein Success fast frantic and colourful "smashtv on ice" but with lots of bosses
Sexy Parodius Konami 4th in series, getting madder with every sequel... bunny girls straddling large missiles and those comedy breasts (hmmm...) Also on Saturn
Space Shot    
Sol Divide Psikyo 1998, Also on Saturn, Lords of Thunder style game (as in control a character), very very poor for a side scroller.
Sonic Wings Special   ?
Soukyugerentai, aka Terra Diver Raizing Also available for the Saturn, poorer version, but comes with extras.
Space Invaders   ?
Stahlfeder   Poor vertical scroller with some polygon objects.
Strikers 1945   ?
Strikers 1945 (II) Atlus (developed by Psikyo) 1998. Also for Saturn, WW2 based shmup with huge mecha!
Tempest X Atari (?) Worst version of the Tempest remakes, adds new items which don't quite work: not up to the standard of the Jaguar version.
Thunderforce V Perfect System (saturn review) Technosoft Version of the Saturn original.
Time Bokan: Bokan Desu Yo! Banpresto 1996 ?
Time Bokan: Bokan to Ippatsu   ?
Toaplan Shooting Battle 1 Toaplan 1996, Tiger Heli+Ultimate Tiger+Twin Cobra Pack - worth it for Tiger Heli alone. Now where's no. 2??!
Twin Bee Deluxe Pack Konami 1995, fairly rare Pack of the original plus the arcade Twinbee Yahoo.
Two-Tenkaku Sony 1996, pretty poor vertical scroller.
Vacuum Kids (aka Kyuinn)   Cute side scroller in the Parodius style, with 2 kids on hoovers.
Viewpoint Electronic Arts 1995, absolutely awful version of the NeoGeo classic, updated graphics but VERY unfair gameplay. Don't buy it.
Wonder 3   ?
X2 Ocean 1996, update of Project X, Amiga original by Team 17...
Xevious 3D Namco Pack of all the Xeviouses, with the main game a superb hi-res reworking of the arcade update.
Zanac X Zanac Compile Also known as Zanac Neo


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