The Breadbin Lives! Probably the most popular 8-bit computer in the world, the Commie sported improved graphics and sound over it's UK and US rivals, the Spectrum and Atari 800. It's still even supported today by faithful users and hacking groups who churn out demos with effects like raytracing and Gouraud shading, with some soundtracks better than those of many of today's consoles.

Vertical Scrolling
1942 Elite Good port of the arcade game.
1943 Go! Port of the arcade game.
Alleykat Graftgold/Hewson Fine game by Andrew Braybrook, the creator of Paradroid.
Arcadia Imagine
Bedlam Go!
Black Hawk Thorn Emi Computer Soft
Black Hornet Hi-Tec
Blaze Romik
Blazer Nexus
Blue Moon Merlin
Bulldog Gremlin Very addictive 'destroy the giant battleship' type of shooter.
Combat Zone Magic Bytes Ugly Xevious clone.
Commando Elite  
Cyberwing Cosine Systems
Denarius Firebird
Deneb Magic Disk
Dragon Spirit Domark/Tengen
Fire Track Cygni
Flak Funsoft No air-based enemies.
Flying Shark Firebird Excellent port of the arcade game
Frexel Deltek
Gaplus Namco/Mastertronic
Gemini Wing Sales Curve
Gunstar Firebird
Hades Nebula Paranoid/Nexus
Havoc Players Premier
I.C.U.P.S. Odin Computer Graphics
Jackal Konami Awful conversion.
Last Duel US Gold
Lazer Force Code Masters
Moon Cresta Incentive
Moons Cosmos Designs
Moon Shuttle Datasoft
Pastfinder Activision
Point X Powersoft
River Raid Activision
Scramble Spirits Grandslam Average coin-op conversion.
Sidewinder II Virgin/Mastertronic
Sky High Stuntman Code Masters
Sky Shark Taito
Slap Fight Imagine Very decent conversion.
Sonic Boom Activision
SWIV Storm
Task III Cybernetic Arts/Databyte Very fast vert scroller.
Terra Cognita Code Masters
Terra Cresta Imagine Very good port.
Tiger Mission Kele Line Heli shmup.
Tomcat Players
Trap Alligata
Typhoon Imagine
Vengeance CRL
Vulgus Capcom
Warhawk Firebird
Xenon Melbourne House
Xevious Namco Very good conversion.
Zyron Kingsoft

Horizontal Scrolling
Action Force Virgin
Action On Protection HG Software
Ad Infinitum Mr. Chip
Abent Orange Argus Press
Alien World Hi-Tec Heavily influenced by Mr. Heli.
Alloyrun Starlight
Annihilator Rabbit
Annihilator II Rabbit
Apoxoly Double Density
Aquanaut Interceptor
Arcade Flight Simulator Code Masters
Armalyte Cyberdyne/Thalamus Overrated.
Armourdillo Code Masters
Artax Prestige Poor (but pretty looking) Io clone.
Attack Into Russia Pakila
Attack Of The Mutant Camels Llamasoft The usual Jeff Minter weirdness.
Batalyx Llamasoft
Battle Through Time TOM
Biggles Dalali/Mirrorsoft
Blue Baron Zeppelin Games
Breakthru US Gold
Catalypse Genias Armalyte inspired sidescroller. Excellent playability. Features some amazing bosses. Be sure to check this one out.
Caverns Of Eriban Firebird
Choplifter Broderbund Classic 'shoot and rescue' type of game, which later inspired the arcade game by Sega.
Co-Axis Bigtime
Cyrus Double Density
Crush Smash Designs
Dark Fusion Gremlin
Defender Atari Conversion of the classic.
Delta Thalamus Fabulous sidescroller by Stavros Fasoulas.
Denaris Rainbow Arts Renamed re-release of Katakis.
Denniffia New Entry Excellent graphics. It's a pity that the game is so poor.
Desert Hawk Players
Destruct Power House
DNA Warrior Artronic
Dragon Breed Activision
Dropzone US Gold The best Defender clone ever.
Dyter 07 Reline
Eagles Hewson
Electra Magic Disk
Enforcer Double Density/Golden Disk/Computec Little known last C64 game by Manfred Trenz. Looks and plays like the shmuppy levels from Turrican II. Excellent graphics, but most of them have been recycled from previous games.
Eon Kingsoft
Erebus New Stars
Exceleron Video Images
F1 Tornado Zeppelin
Forgotten Worlds Capcom
Gradius Konami Wonderful port of the original.
Helikopter Jagd Ocean
Hummdinger Mr. Chip
Imhotep Ultimate
Inner Space CRL
Insects In Space Sensible/Hewson Defender clone featuring nude ladies.
Io Firebird Very difficult, but very good sidescroller, featuring the most stylish graphics ever seen on a C64 screen.
Iridis Alpha Llamasoft Jeff Minter's stupidly hard defender clone, so unusual it seemed completely alien.
Island Of Dr. Destructo Mastertronic
Jetboys CRL Good game, a little short (4 levels) decent graphics, but way way too easy.
Kamikaze Code Masters
Katakis Rainbow Arts Amazing R-Type rip-off. Graphics and music are top-notch. My #1 favourite C64 game.
Kettle Alligata Weird game by Tony Crowther.
Lethal Zone CP Verlag
Lightforce Carter Follis Fine early vert scroller.
Lions Of The Universe CP Verlag
Mag Max Imagine
Meganova Dinamic
Menace DMA/Psygnosis
Millennium Assault Cosine Systems  
Moon Buggy Anirog Moon Patrol clone.
Moon Patrol Atari Good port of the arcade game.
Neoclyps Cymbal
Nemesis Konami Identical to Gradius (except for the name).
Optima Rax Ziqaq
Out Of This World Bettertech/Reaktor
P-47 Firebird Port of the arcade game.
Parsec X-Ample Architectures/Magic Disk
Penetrator Melbourne House
Phobia Mirrorsoft Impressive piece of program. Tony Crowther made the C64 display more colours than it actually could.
Planet Attack Scorpio Gamesworld
Plasmatron CRL
Plural Cosmos Designs
Psycastria Audiogenic
Q10 Tankbuster Zeppelin
Ransack! ASL
Radius Players
Retrograde Thalamus
Return Of The Mutant Camels Yak Production
Revenge Of The Mutant Camels Llamasoft
R.I.S.K. The Edge
R-Type Rainbow Arts/Electric Dreams Surprisingly good conversion. Excellent sound. Some scenes have been watered down a bit, but what remains is still R-Type in all its beauty.
Romulus Quicksilva
Saint Dragon Storm
Sanxion Thalamus Innovative shooter by Stavros Fasoulas.
Scarper Lothlorien
Scout Mastertronic
Shaft Raider Program One
Sheep In Space Llamasoft
Side Arms Go
Sidewize Firebird Poor conversion of the great Spectrum original.
Silkworm Sales Curve Outstanding port.
Skramble Rabbit Unofficial but well done port of the original.
Skyjet Mastertronic
Slayer Hewson
Space Relief Backroom
Star Force Nova Mastertronic
Star Ranger Commodore
Starray Logotron
Steigar Screen 7
Subterranea Rack-It
Tanium Players
Terminator Gaxx
Task-F ECP
U.N. Squadron US Gold
Uridium Graftgold/Hewson Fantastic and innovative sidescroller. There's an excellent sequel available for Amiga.
Uridium Plus Graftgold/Hewson Re-release of the above.
V-GA CP Verlag
W.A.R. Martech
Warflame Cosine Systems
Wings Of Fury Broderbund
Wizball Sensible/Ocean Very Innovative game. C64 version is the best one available.
X-Out Rainbow Arts Surprisingly much better than the 16 bit versions. really good with fab graphics and sound and some innovative gameplay.
Zenos Imagez
Zynaps Hewson Much better on Spectrum and Amstrad CPC.

Other Shmups
2 in 1: Ad Infinitum Mastertronic Packed with Hunter Patrol, an Afterburner clone.
3D Skramble Livewire Strange mixture of Skramble and Zaxxon.
Aidon Apocalypse X-Ample Architectures/CP Verlag
Airwolf Elite Similar to Fort Apocalypse.
Airwolf II Elite Follow-up to the above.
Alien Rescue DK Tronics
Ambush Virgin
Astral Attack Anirog
Astro Chase First Star
Atomic Robo Kid UPL/Activision Okayish port of the arcade game.
Attack On Windscale Phoenix
Axis Assassin Electronic Arts Similar to Beamrider.
Bandits Sirius Interesting Galaga rip-off.
Bat Attack Alligator
Beamrider Action Graphics/Activision A bit like Tempest.
Better Dead Than Alien Electra
Blasteroids Tengen/Mirrorsoft Port of the arcade game.
Blood Money DMA/Psygnosis Excellent conversion. It doesn't look as flashy as the 16 bit versions, but it plays a lot better.
Blue Max Synapse
Blue Max: 2001 Synapse
Bosconian Mastertronic
Bouncer Magic Disk
Bug Squad Softek Centipede clone.
Centipede Warner Communications Conversion of the arcade classic.
Crazy Comets Martech
Cybernoid Hewson Excellent shooter without any scrolling.
Cybernoid II Hewson Even better than the first one.
Cyber Zone Ozisoft
Cyborg Elite
Demon Attack Imagic
Dominator System 3
Empire Firebird
Enzyme CP Verlag
Extreme Digital Integration
Fire Galaxy Kingsoft
Firefly Ocean
Fort Apocalypse Synapse
Fortress Underground Kingsoft
Galaxian Atari
Galaxy Kingsoft
H.A.T.E. Gremlin
Hunter's Moon Thalamus
Implosion Cascade
Imshi House Designs
Invaders 64 Livewire
Last Mission Data East
Leviathan English Zaxxon clone.
M.A.C.H. Starvision
Mega Apocalypse Martech The follow-up to Crazy Comets
Mega Phoenix Dynamic
Mega Starforce X-Ample Architectures
Monster Attack Siren Electronic
Montrix Visual Delight/CP Verlag
Morpheus Graftgold/Hewson
Mr. Heli Firebird
Mutants Ocean
Netherworld Hewson
Nightdawn Magic Bytes
Orbitron Mastertronic
Oter Technoart
Panther Mastertronic
Parallax Sensible/Ocean
Phoenix Alligata
Raid 2000 Mirrorsoft
Return Of The Jedi Domark/Tengen
Roofus Oofray
Salamander Konami Wonderful port of the arcade original.
Satan's Hollow Commodore
Shark Players Premier
Sigma Seven Durell
Shadow Skimmer The Edge
Space Pilot Kingsoft
Space Pilot II Kingsoft
Stagger Markt und Technik
Starbase Defence Amirog Computers
Starforce X-Ample Architectures
Steel Hewson
Stratton CRL
Sunburst Rack-It
Super Space Invaders Domark
Super Zaxxon Hesware Classic.
Survivor Ewing Soft
Taskforce Players Premier
Threshold Sierra
Thrust Firebird Very good.
Thrust II Firebird Very bad.
Thunder Cross CRL Incredibly poor game, not to be confused with Konami's Thundercross games.
Tracer Commodore Format
Traxxion CRL
TX Magic Disk
Wavy Navy Sirius
Zalagan Firebird
Zaxxon Hewson
Zeppelin Synapse
Zig Zag Mirrorsoft
Zone Ranger Firebird
Zone 7 Radarsoft
Zone VII Part II Radarsoft
Zylogon Big G


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