Atari ST: The Amiga's great rival, the Atari ST was to Commodore's machine what the Speccy was to the C64. With poorer graphic and sound capability, but an extensive library of games, serious apps and superb midi support, it was fiercely supported by its fans. Having both machines at the time, I could drink with either crowd;) The ST had some great shootemup arcade conversion, as well as plenty of originals of its own, my alltime fave ST game has to be Oids, a gravitar clone which never made it to any other platforms.

Despite having numerous upgrades (extra ram, the 1040, etc) two major drawbacks were never fixed... the substandard sound - which a C64 could run rings round - and the poor support for horizonal scrolling, ultimately leading to the Amiga's dominance of the 16bit computer era.

1943   Vertical shooter, good conversion
Andes Attack    
Armalyte   Conversion of the C64 classic, but not half as good.
Asteriods Deluxe    
Atomic Robokid   Slow moving sluggish shooter, overrated
Awesome Psygnosis Awesome graphics, poor gameplay. Lots of game styles though... Also on Amiga
Better Dead Than Alien   Absolutely crap Galaxians clone, extremely jerky!
Blasteroids   Asteroids with addons. Port of the arcade version
Bloodmoney DMA Mr/Heli style shootemup, also on Amiga and C64!
Chaos Engine Bitmap Brothers Overrated overhead style runabout game. Also for Amiga
Cybernoid   These were excellent on the C64 and Spectrum, but by the time they got to 16bit computers were looking dated...
Cybernoid 2   ...still a lot of fun to play though - lots of strategic bits!
Darius+   Awful 'conversion' of the arcade, nothing was done right in this! The Amiga was disgraced with it too
Dark Fusion    
Defender 2    
Dogs of War  ELITE  
Dragon Breed   The ST (and Amiga for that matter) wasn't really up to converting this accurately - get the arcade emulated on instead.
Dragon Spirit   Conversion of vertical scrolling arcade original, you play a firebombing dragon. Good on PC-Engine!
Eye of Horus    
Fire Blaster    
Flying Shark   Vertical scroller, ok conversion of original arcade, but gameplay is not identical to arcade.
Forgotten Worlds   Arcade side scroller, 2 player, but missing the originals 'twisty button' stick - and loses a lot in the process.
Foundations Waste    
Gemini wing   Conversion of arcade
Goldrunner   One of the first ST shootemups, it wowed with its crisp graphics and fast scrolling. Strangely, every scrolling game after this could not do scrolling as well!!
Goldrunner 2    
Hunt for Red October    
Ikari Warriors   Conversion of arcade, missing the twisty stick control again, sadly.
Insects in space   Conversion of C64 original, you played a semi-naked mother, trying to retrieve her babies from space insects:)
Jupiter probe    
Lethal Xcess (Wings of Death II)    
Leavin Terimis    
Line of Fire    
Llamatron   YES! a superb robotron clone, the ST one was even better than the pc one...(But not better than the Amiga one =)
Missile Command    
Mission Genocide    
Mr Heli    
Narco police    
Oids   My all time fave ST game, based on Gravitar/Thrust...
Plutos   Early Starforce style shooter.
Pursuit to Earth ,the    
P-47   Conversion of Jaleco's arcade original, also on PC-Engine
Revenge of the Mutant Camels   Jeff Minter's bonkers trip through LSD-land. (I love it!)
R-TYPE   Great conversion of the arcade original, apart from some jumpy scrolling
R-TYPE 2   Likewise, good conversion, but seemed to be pretty slow... The Amiga had a nice version
Saint Dragon   An average side scroller, but had unusual graphics and characters which made it stand out otherwise
Scramble Spirits   Little known Sega coinop conversion, with a fair attempt to copy the originals zooming effects
Shoot em up construction kit    
Sidearms   One of my favourite Capcom shooters, yet again, poor scrolling!
Silkworm   Conversion of the jeep/tank original, the Amiga version was the best, and even better than the arcade one! (I have the PCB, so I know!)
Slap Fight   Vertically scrolling game which starts really slow, but becomes compulsively addictive - very hard mind you! Great on C64, and on original arcade...
Space Invaders    
ST Protector    
Starglider Argonaut Not really a 2D scrolling game at all, but historically very important - wireframe 3D shooting gameplay with strategical nuances - not many 3D shooters since have imparted such an atmosphere or style!
Starglider 2 Argonaut The followup, and not as good as the original imho!
Stargoose   Pretty poor vertical scroller, really bad looking spaceship as well.
Star Ray    
Star Wars    
Swiv   Pseudo-sequel to Silkworm (see SNES review for explanation!)
Uridium   'Conversion' of C64 original. Shame the C64 ran rings around the ST when it came to scrolling :/
Wings of Death    
Wizball Sensible Software Spaced-out game, also on C64. I can't even begin to describe it, sorry! :)
Xevious   Conversion of old arcade original.
Xenon Bitmap Brothers On of the best BB games, with two style of 'ships' interchangeable during gameplay. I still play this today!
Xenon II Bitmap Brothers This got stupid reviews when it came out (one mag gave it 110%) but to be honest I didn't like it that much. Sluggish and low on firepower most of the way, it didn't play smoothly or well.
X-Out Rainbow Arts (?) I had this on Amiga, and gave the megadrive shooters a run for their money at the time. Sadly though, the gameplay was fiddly and too hard for me...
Z-Out Rainbow Arts (?) ...Same for Z-Out, but I can't remember enough about them to distinguish them apart!


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