Violent Soldier

Violent Soldier

Reviewed by Roger Post

Here we go now, a shooter that stands out a little from the crowd. The main kick of VS is the unique weapon system. Though the ship may look like it has a beak on the front, and is preparing to eat some worms, this yellow extension is nothing to laugh at.

After powering up a few times, the player is able to set the nosecone at three different selections: closed, silly looking but most powerful, 1/2 open which realistically offers too much wind resistance but spreads your weapon out some, and fully open, which would block the pilots view completely (like when your car's windshield pops open), offering a full spread on most weapons.

There is also an R-Type like power up bar, but instead of a powershot, you get a circular blast around the ship. This really confuses me-I'm expecting a power shot and get this "ring around the shooter". This takes a little adjustment. And here's something else I hate that some wise-guy shooters do: an option screen that is somewhat hidden. Yes, this game has a hard and easy mode, but after months of playing, I just found out! (Thunderforce does this too.....) VS plays a little too slow: it's got that laid-back, we'll get there when we get there attitude, which can be a little frustrating to me....I like faster paced games.

But the challenge level is there too, as VS is none too easy. This one is at least worth a look for shooter fans, and is a nice breather from the cookie cutter, same formula shmup. And the further you get into the game, the more it plays like R-Type (yet still different).

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Long time no PC-Engine game reviewed! This one surprised me when I first played it.. "The nose is opening?!? WTF?!?" but after that I found a quite enjoyable shootie from that little plastic beast we all love and call PC-Engine, which we may cliché as "the shooter machine".

By the way, would you believe my cousin threw away a PCE? And he even had Soldier Blade! GAAAKK!!! =(

- Akira


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