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Vapor Trail

Reviewed by MOS

I originally ran across Vapor Trail at my local arcade, "Nickel-A-Play" where a lot of my friends go for their birthdays. There's not a lot of shmups there, 1942 with a bad screen and some helicopter game. So it was invetible that I find Vapor Trail, far back in the "Free play" section of the arcade.

The game's a lot of fun, one of those classic vertical shmups that you forget about the day after you play 'em. However, on my quest for some MAME ROMs, me and Vapor Trail crossed paths again.

I started playing the game and I realized, "Hey, this would be a great game to review for Shmups; I can actually beat it!" (Yeah, because you have unlimited credits =P - Akira)

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Vapor Trail. Starring Thomas the Tank Engine. No, really, this is a nice game, it's not "OOer!" but it is nice to spend some time with it. To me, it just doesn't have that "one more go" feeling, but a nice quick blast for a rainy day.

Talking about blasts, some asshole has just throw a firecracker near my house, and I freaked out. Oh the joy, it's holidays season again. I hope Santa gives me some shmups. =)

- Akira


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