Detana Twinbee - Konam

Detana Twinbee

Reviewed by Roger Post

Well, here it is, another day, another shmup. And Twinbee winds the hands of time back a few years, probably almost forcing the way into the "classic" section of shooters. In almost every category of composition, from movies to music to video games, what we currently have today is largely based on the acomplishments of the past.

Mistakes, innovative ideas, and basic learning processes come from years of development. Twinbee - which carries the name Konami, making it an almost sure hit - isn't really anything new, but was a springboard to launch other great shmup titles of today (and many components were used in the Parodius series). With each new game, good or bad, the industry on the whole benefits in some way.

Twinbee can almost be considered a cute-em-up, combining traditional shooter bosses with a silly, japanese crazyness style theme.

Twinbee is like some small gun-shootin' companion to some young kids (or this is what I can gather from the midlevel pics). The Twinbee has three weapons - normal shot, powered up shot (like R-Type), and ground shot (like the old Xevious). Powerups come in the form of bells, and different colors give different goodies, such as options or speed. When the Twinbee gets hit, it loses an arm, so this is not what I call a 'perfection shmup': one hit and you're dead.... I hate those. The bosses are unlike most others I've come up against - very unique. The only problem I have with this game is that the levels are a little too long and the overall game is too short.

Only six levels? Konami games would be near perfect if they could only add a little more length. But overall this is a fun, cheery little game, so anyone who would wonder what a tiny, blue, Wild West gunslinger looks like should give it a try.

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Good old Twinbee! I enjoyed all this games a lot, the PC Engine versions, the SuperNES versions, the X68000 version... Very funny graphics and sonics, and great gameplay!

What else can you ask for? =] A classic from Konami, a definite MUST play. Don't miss it!

- Akira


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