Player 1 Review by Lo-Fat

This is a scary shooter. Not in the sense that it's scary as in horror, but the aspects of the game. It is all serious. There's no wise jokes or any English, except for the score and stuff. When I saw this in the mag in the back, I thought that it was really worth buying cause it looked so cool.

Kaol Lica Ryota
I'm assuming these are your players, but the whole thing's in Japanese so I don't really know! They look awfully moody anyway.

I had no idea. I ordered it from one store, and they didn't charge me for some unknown reason, then Game Cave sent it to me without asking and while I was gone my parents paid for it. Damn, so now I have 2! I really thought Galactic Attack was hard, but now I look at it and see that it really isn't all that bad. SG is HARD. The first level means nothing, 2nd is a little harder, you have to keep yourself together in the 4th, and then comes the 5th, and you are literally bombarded from all directions by 40 things on the screen at once.

You need to look directly at your ship for this level, then the 6th is weird cause you get in some weird laser field and have to move out of the way otherwise you get wasted

Graphics 10
Yes they are great aren't they.

Sound 10
Even though the sound isn't great, the music tracks make up for it greatly. I personally love the 3rd level's "tough orchestra" tune.

Playability 10
It kinda took from the GA idea of hitting the guys on different Z-Levels, but it does it differently. You hold shoot and a web comes out and you get to hit the ones above too, to an extent. The web only goes so far up, down, left, right, forward, and backwards. Really cool. Also you get to choose from 3 TOTALLY different guys. One might shoot better, one with a better web, one faster, so on. Also you get the super bombs that do little damage, the way it should be, sometimes.

Difficulty HARD
Even on Easy this game is tough. But if you are a real arcade game player you will play on normal from the beginning. It's kinda tough to see the bullets sometimes, but that can be good for yer eyes.

Replay 10
All those extras like the Battle Garegga game make you come back for more. Maybe it's the speed of the game that you gotta love.

Overall 10
Get this damn game, for Saturn cause it does 2D better. Mail me and I'll send you the Saturn one for something. PSX owners can get the crappy PSX version if they want. Have fun!

Player 2 Comments by Malc

Blue Sky, Crimson Warriors... apparently thats what Soukyugerentai means. Ah, enlightening. Souky (is it is wont to be called by English speakers) is a vertically scrolling blaster on Saturn and Playstation with some amazing effects and set-pieces, accompanied by apt booming film-style music, the sort you'd typically hear in the action sequences of Independence Day. Turn the music UP!

On first play, I wasn't really that enamoured with Souky. Colours start off drab, and a few nondescript ships wander onscreen to be shot at. Enjoy this quiet while it lasts, and practice your web weapons, as shortly all mayhem breaks loose in later levels.

The second level sees your craft blasting through space, destroying platforms and satellites, then it's heading towards Mars and diving through cloud cover, spraying bullets at hordes of speeding tanks to waste the enemy's stronghold. Graphics and gameplay pleasingly improve the further you get, with some inventive baddies, and wonderfully realised backgrounds, many of which use the saturn's scaling and hi-res effects to full advantage. Later on there's giant green robots popping out from asteroids and battleships and more robots and... ooh, I need a lie down with all the excitement....

A brilliant blaster in the classic japanese style, it does nothing particularly new, but what it does do it does damn well. Get it!

Raystorm style lasers attacking the first boss. Sorry about the pics, I used me diggy camera but it's not that good when the sun is streaming through the window.

Level 2, flying over the earth blasting some lovely hi-res sub-bosses.

Just blown up by the level 2 end boss, a giant rotating satellite



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