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Scramble Eggs

System: MSX 1
Developed and Published by Ample in 1985

Review by Shatterhand

Since the beggining, we had shmups. Way back into the 60's, we had the 1st electronic game, called "Space Wars" - it had 2 players trying to shoot each other, using a control similar to Asteroids. Even being a simple game, just the fact you could beat your friend's ass maked it a laugh to play. Then other shmups came - we had Space Invaders, a game that basically created the whole video-game industry, We had Asteroids, with its nice control method, Defender with its maniac play and horizontal scrolling, Xevious with vertical scrolling and ground bombs... and this all was before 1983.

In 1983, the MSX system is released, and one of its firsts games is a shmup called "Starblazer". Even being an average game, Starblaze gave you different missions and some nice features.

As eveything, the game industy evolved In 1985, we had Nemesis in the arcades, and Knightmare for the MSX system. And in 1985, the programmers of Ample, in their infinite wisdow, instead of keeping the evolution, went all way back, and made a game that looks, feels and plays older than Space Wars. This game is "Scramble Eggs"

As you can probably tell, Scramble Eggs is crap. It's not only crap, it's probably the WORST SHMUP EVER DONE. (And I put it in capital letters just to show you how bad it is)

The gameplays goes something like that: You control a rocket, that can move only up and down. There's a (crap drawn) terrain in the ground, scrolling horizontally. Some eggs will come into your direction, and you have to shoot them, freeing some small chicks. At every 2 or 3 ordinary eggs, an indesctruble purple egg will appear,. If your ship touch an egg, a chick or a terrain, you lose a life. That's all - after playing it for 5 seconds, you've already seen all the game has to offer. The terrain repeat itselfs after 30 seconds or so, and the game gets boring before you lose your 1st life.

It is not only the gameplay that's bad - Look at the screenshots and you'll see how crap the game looks. The sound is ridiculous - There's a horrible music in the title screen, and in the game, there's an irritanting sound playing all the time, that gets deeper when you move down, and shriller when you move up. Moving up and down sounds like someone who's trying to find a station to hear in the radio. The laser sound sucks as everything else in the game.

I know it may be too harsh to bash a game for being too simple, but Scramble Eggs is WAY too simple. I really can't believe Ample tried to sell this as a comercial game in 1985. People wouldn't play this kind of crapness even in 1895 at the wild west. Not even pre-historical men from 200.000 B.C. would play this stinking game. Stay away of it, unless you have a morbid curiosity for bad games.


Graphics: 10%
Sounds: 05%
Gameplay: 05%
Overall: 05%


Nice title screen, huh? Believe it or not, this game is 16 Kb big. Sky Jaguar, Galaxian, Pacman, Circus Charlie and Pippols are a few excellent MSX games that has this exact size.

I've played this game for a long time, just to take this screenshots just for you. I really want you to see how crap this game is. After playing for 30 minutes, I nearly tried suicide. I really did, but I was saved by my sister, who heard me screaming obscenites to the computer 5 minutes before, and came to see what was happening.



A purple egg -, you can't destroy it. By the way, did you know that "Eggs" in portugese is written "Ovos". ?

It would be cool if the game had a boss somewhere. I mean, someone has to be putting all those eggs ! Maybe a giant chicken or something like that. But no, all you got are eggs.



Oh look! A chick! How cute it is! Shame you can't shoot it. I swear that if I could kill those chicks, I would give the game an extra 5% in the gameplay rating. But instead of that, the chicks can KILL YOU! You free them, and they kill you in return! Batards gits.

Watch out Maverick, there are bandits at six'o clock. And be carefull, they are scrambled. And they are also eggs. Or something.



Woaah! That one was close! You'll need lots of dodging skill and a quick finger to smash this button fire to finish the game. Except you don't. And you won't.

Believe me, that's the best part of the whole game. You will be eagerly waiting just to see this screen. Now leave me alone, I can't see eggs anymore.



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