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Reviewed by Roger Post

Yet another of the MSX Gradius series, Salamander again offers some new little treats to fans of other console versions of the game. To understand gameplay, just read any other Gradius/Nemesis review. I'm just going to comment on what makes Salamander different.

Collecting 15 E-tanks gains you another weapon, and I've survived to get Hawkwind missiles, Meteo laser, Screw laser, then Homing missiles. Salamander is hands down the most difficult of the MSX groupings. As of the time writing this, I am only on level I losing shmuposity in my old age? The music in Salamander is almost exactly as I remember it on other consoles, and the only drawbacks in this one are the rough difficulty (also the starting points are few and far between, like R-Type), and the speed-up options do very little for you.....about three speed-ups are needed for a decent engine change, and five or six is comfortable for me when the usual Gradius amount is three.

Sally does offer four options instead of the usual MSX two, and simultaneous dual player gameplay! If you are not yet sick of the Gradius series (pronounced Gra-dee-ous, as shown on Gaiden, however I refuse to believe that and still call it Grad-e-ous) be sure to give this a try.

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Salamander. First time I played it was on the Sparcade emulator. Now it seems it will get emulated speech sound =) Great! And here, the MSX does it again, showing that when it comes to shmups (And other games too) it's an unbeatable 8bit computer. Anybody has a spare MSX at home? =)

- Akira


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