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The story line of Robo Aleste is a very long and confusing one, sorta like politics. It is based on ancient Japan around the 16th century, where civil war has been going on for years. But during the war, stange huge mechanical robo warriors appear during battle that has technology way too advanced during that time. Both sides of the clan, now use this new technology to create large warriors. The war gets more serious and personal conflicts arise…and the sold reason an officer goes to destroy the head hancho of all evil and to have revenge for the death of his villagers and master. Or something of that nature ;)

Robo Aleste is one of the best looking shooters I have ever seen to grace the Sega Genesis or the Sega CD. It is the sequel to the original MUSHA ALESTE for the Genesis. Like the original, it is a 2D vertical shooter. But unlike the original, this game has gotten a load of excellent updated graphics, sound and even gameplay.

Your command a mecha style flying robot known as "ALESTE" or a Dennin. ALESTE is equipped with two flying guardian angels "spinning pods" that protects you from certain close encounters, and they can also be powered up to fly out and destroy enemies on screen and boomerang back.. The "spinning pods" can also pick up numerous weapon pick-ups along the way give you kick ass firepower, including flash phasers, microwave dispersal beams, blooming flower grenades and shuriken homing stars. And if that wasn't enough, your ALESTE has standard weapon system (array of throwing knives), which increase in fire power and the number of knives, by picking up capsules left behind by friendly crafts during the game. WHEWWW !! Very impressive stuff…and trust me you will need every bit of it to finish this huge game.

The graphics in the game are top notch !! Starting with the beginning you get a lenghty anime intro, describing the premise of the games with some impressive anime drawings. And during the game, no single detail has been spared. This looks almost too good to be a 16-bit title. Compile has used every single bit of the Sega CD powers, including its scaling effects. Large enemies dropping into the scenery with ease, truly shows what the Sega CD is capable of. Your ALESTE is highly detailed, with body movement as you move your character giving a very nice "life" to your ship. Enemies are also drawn with great detail. And the background is also amazing with so much little details everywhere in the game, small villagers crying for help, detailed landscapes and so much more.

As the game is based around 16th century Japan, it is more than appropriate to include a soundtrack that consists of traditional Japanese music. But to make thinks even better, the creators of the game added a hard-beat, techno style score along side the traditional music that just gives you goose bumps listening to it..cause its so good. This makes the music, perfect for a shooter like this. Plus the sound effects are wonderful and gives a good punch, making explosions actually believable :-D.

Finally the gameplay, well with most shooters your basic ship is pretty static. But on this game, your ship is mobile and even does flips and swerves!! Thus it gives the illusion that the ship is alive in a eerie way. You have total control over the speed of your ship, which helps in dodging bullets. The speed and accuracy and the awesome weapon systems, makes this is a very fun shooter to play.

Overall, there is no denying it. This is "the" best shooter" for the Sega CD. This is almost like the "Radiant Silvergun" of shooters for the Sega CD. Why do I say almost like? Well lucky for us, this game is only priced USD $5-$10 on the used market, apparently this gem hasn't been getting the attention it deserves. If you are a shooter fanatic I highly recommend this a MUST OWN for your SHMUPS collection.

SOUND: 90%


Thanks DJ Mo!
Robo (aka Cyber) Aleste is very much in the same style as MUSHA Aleste, which is in the same style as Spriggan... A very playable game, and pretty much one of the best on the Sega CD along with Keio Flying Squadron. If you liked your MUSHA, you'll like your Cyber :)
Oh yeah, edited scores btw DJ. Not every game gets 100% across the board, no matter how much they deserve it ;) - Felix the Cat



oh crap!!…he is pissed of now…hell's fixin to freeze over !!



fly! fly! fly your ALESTE! Gently down the stream…



Is it plane ? Is it a bird ? NO ! Its Super Aleste…

[ Errr... no it's not. It's Robo Aleste ;) - Felix the Cat ]



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