Reviewed by Simon [Felix the Cat]

I've got to admit. I do enjoy a bit of a homecoded game now and again. Just to see some refreshing ideas, looks, styles and gameplay available for download on the Internet. We've had some decent ones so far, like Space Bastards and Kamui, and Reflex is another decent homecoded game to try out.

On first appearances, it seems to be inspired by the likes of Layer Section. The game itself is a very scroller, the graphics are VERY nice and so is the sound. The ship has two main weapons, a spreadshot which, like most shmups, can be powered up. The main innovative feature is the ability to reflect bullets.

No before everyone starts sending corrextional emails, I do know about Gigawing and it's rather overbloated mirror shield weapon. In Reflex, however, the shield has a function in that if you connect with a red bullet, you merely absorb it, but if you connect with a blue shot (or a laser) you redirect it back at the enemy (and the homing lasers even home in on the enmies!). Its a pretty decent backup to have, but don't use it all up! You have a limit on how much you can use the shield. Use it too much, and you're vulnerable - not only because you can't take an extra hit, but because shielding up drains your spread shot power! Be careful!

The enemies are well designed, and the levels are varied. The boeese are large monstrosities that take lots and lots of punishment, and can dish it out ten-fold. The control method is spot on too. That's a lot of pluses...

BUT (there had to be one didn't there) there isn't much longevity in this one. Once you finish it, you probably won't want to return to it much, since there isn't a hook to keep you pinned - like a score attack. But from what is there, the game is definitely worth playing!

SOUND: 70%


I've only just started the level, and I'm filling my pants already. Bullets all over!

The first boss - Pisces, goes all Axelay on you and enters from cloud cover. It then proceeds to get medieval on your arse!

Your VERY typical mini-battleship section. Dispose of them the same way, but watch for the little gits that send homing lasers out!

Boss 2, Virgo, gets Dodonpachi today. knock it down to half energy, and it turns around and goes G-Darius on you!


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