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RayXanber III

Reviewed by Neil Salvemini

RayXanber, a beautiful shooter, made for the Turbo Duo. It features a cool-looking ship blasting around the screen with a jump-pack all too reminiscent of the one used in the space scenes of Gunstar Heroes. In fact, this entire game seems to be a little too Treasure-esque. It is almost as though this game severely influenced Treasure on alot of their work. Multi-tierdness, fast action, even the start of the BANGAIOH tons of missiles on screen at once action is in effect. Just Read On :)

Graphics: Beautiful and parasitic, much like Metal Black. Let's just say I like it alot. Nice detail to little things like water movement, bubbles, and a BEAUTIFUL looking(one of the best I've ever seen) ship-half-way-in-water effects when you enter and leave water.

Sound: Awesome! All of the music is streamed off of the CD, so that the entire Duo sound chip can be used exclusively for sounds.

Music: Let's just say....I was not able to hear is because I played the ISO file only. Although, I will say it is standard shooter fair.

Playability: TONS! This game has so much playability it is amazing! The upgrades are cool, allowing you to upgrade by collecting different colored pods which move your fire in certain directions depending on when you pick them up.


Level One:

Level Two:
A strange parasite cavern...

Level Three:
OOh! Big ugly boss!

[ And for those who care, here's the ENDING!!! ]

Level Four:
Very Thunderforcey elastic arms...

Level Five:
Loads of blobs!!

Level Six:
The final boss?

This really looks like a nice game, full of alien bugs, parasites and creepy crawlies. Yep, bug-splatting is right up my alley! Haven't had the chance to play RayXanber 3 myself, but I've had some fun on the cunningly titled RayXanber 2, and that was rather good fun. Perhaps I'll review it someday?


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