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Nexzr Special

Reviewed by Postman

Oh, the PC Engine….retro system of choice for most shooter fanatics. And Nexzr Special is one of the reasons for that. Part of the Summer Carnival line, which had something to do with competitions and gamers meeting to see who could rack up the biggest score (I’m not sure of the whole story…). NS is a great oldschool shooter, yet it still has that almost incomplete feel to it. While still a good seven levels long, and slightly above average in the challenge department for the average player, Nexzr just seems to need a little more work, like a face lift to make it a great game.

Here’s the number one stand out problem that someone should have caught before this game left the development room: no secondary weapon. Yep…just your shot button in this game. Perhaps button two is disabled, or sleeping, or maybe I have to collect bombs first? No….just regular shot. Weapons can be changed, though, with some pretty cool ones to boot. There’s a Raystorm like homing laser, options that run right up to enemies and keep shooting till they’re dead, and a rapid fire normal shot for example. But no STINKIN bomb! At least make the second button do something, even taunt like in a fighting game...

Ignoring that painfully obvious deficiency, NS is still a great game. Bosses get creative, and can sometimes be a challenge. There is a shield icon, so thankfully this is no one-hit-wonder. But even with the option of a time attack mode, NS left me feeling a bit short. Gameplay is strictly old style one button shoot-em-up, that I can’t really say much about, cause either you understand it and love it, or it’s not your cup of tea.

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Ah, the famous Summer Carnival logo. Everytime I see it I know I'm in for some serious shmup action.

Thanks for that one Rog! I love the Summer Carnival games. They are no frills all round shoot'em up action at their purest form. No intro/story or difficult gameplay elements to stick thru it, just great ole gameplaying non-stop. About that 'no bomb' thing... Remember this game was made for gamers to rack up points, so I believe that has been left out on purpose, so they have a harder time at mastering the shmup.

I'd buy it if I had a Duo.

- Akira


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