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Nemesis '90

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Nemesis 90 is the R-Type Leo of the Konami series. That is to say, most people haven't had the chance to play this one. With releases on such consoles as the MSX and the Sharp X68000, and to my knowledge no US port, Nem90 is quite a rarity.

The MSX version has already been reviewed here on Shmups, so I'm not going into much detail on this game. But needless to say the 68k version has beautiful graphics, and killer gameplay that makes the Gradius series what it is. From the title screen on, you can see the attention to detail and expert use of the color palate, taking full advantage of what the 68k has to offer. The jungle level two has the best Gradius graphics I've seen so far, and that says a lot for a game that is 7 years old.

Once again, the premise in this and the MSX version is that now you can enter into a boss and steal its weapons. Before, I would opt not to do this, since it makes the weapons bar larger and harder to power up, but collecting all the boss weapons really gives you an arsenal. Check out the reflex weapon, which shoots out Moai head cheerios that move up and down with your ship!

And I even got bonus levels somehow (shots 23-27) each complete with a new boss! I think these are accessed by collecting the boss weapons, but I'm not sure. They appear on the second trip back from Nemesis (remember you have to go through this game twice to beat itů..) Music on Nem90 is also tops, and the only gripe I have with this game, and I had to look REAL hard, is the lack of a decent ending. With such graphical feats on the levels, why couldn't we get a nice finishing touch?


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Since the review for the MSX game has already been done, there are nothing but piccies in the pages above.

Anyway, an excellent game vamped up. This one is another fabulous shooter for that awesome machine that is the X68000. You must not miss it if you like X68000s and the Gradius games.

- Akira


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