Nemesis 2 - Konami

Nemesis 2

Reviewed by Roger Post

I had known that there were Gradius versions for the MSX for quite some time, but thought to myself, "They'll just be a cheezy translation of the regular versions we know and love." But to my surprise and wonderment, I was happy to find that not only were there new level designs, but also new features to that great Gradius core gameplay that works so well in all the series. If you can look past the dated graphics, the whole Nemesis\Life Force\Parodius games for the MSX are tops! I was glad to find new Gradius treasures after thinking I had seen all that Konami had to offer.

Nemesis 2 adds to it a storyline, not that it needs anything like that to enhance the game. The gameplay is classic Gradius formula-you should know the weapon system by now, and it even tells you what level weapon you have: missile level 1 or 2, etc. And, after defeating each end level boss, you can actually fly into the carcass, play a short level, and steal some kind of new weapon, which increases your bottom weapon bar! I love the new little features Konami tacked on the MSX versions.

Levels are perfectly designed and also challenging.....the music is classic Konami Gradius......the only drawback are the graphics. But here is the main point: the games are FUN! Forget the pixelosity, these will keep you entertained for quite a while.

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An MSX game!!! This machine is so fantastic! One of the best 8-bit computers, up there with the C64. What makes the MSX so fantastic is the games, from important companies like Konami. Mostly Konami. And it had a LOT of shooters... Aleste, Aleste 2, Space Manbow, the Nemesis games, Zanac, Laydock... all excellent examples of games on the shoot'em up genre. If you never tried an MSX emu, or better, the real thing, you should now! =)

- Akira


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