Reviewed by Roger Post

Konami World!!? What's this, you might ask? I've been around the shooter block, and never heard of Konami World...

Well, Konami World is mainly a side scroller. Someone has kidnapped the various Konami characters, and it is your job to rescue them. You start out as Konami boy or girl, and get to choose the order of levels to rescure: Simon Belmont (Castlevania), Goeman (Legend of the Mystical Ninja), Mikey (Goonies), Donkey Kong (remember that one?), some character from another Japanese game who I don't know, and finally MOAI! An Easter Island head from Gradius!

And then another surprise, after rescuing the six characters, there is a shooter level where you choose between Twinbee or the VIC VIPER, so I guess this could be considered a Gradius crossover.......After the shooter level, you fight the alien heart from Contra. I figured, "hey, a Konami shooter level, they haven't let me down so far, let's give it a shot."

It took a long time to get there, but finally got to see it. Eh, it's ok, overall the game is fun but way too difficult. The shmup is only one quick level too, but I figured most people haven't heard of this game, so I'd give it a little review.

Cheers Rog! Malc here. I've been a bit if a heretic recently, playing Mario Kart 64 , so it's good to come back into ShmupLand once again! I really enjoyed all the other bits of this game as well, simple fun for a simple bloke:)

line.gif 0.1 K

There's a happy little chap..reminds me of Mario almost.

Here's the level select screen, notice the Moai on the bottom right

See, in the character bio, the Vic Viper can be selected. Should I be getting this excited about a vague Gradius reference, when there is Gradius Gaiden, and Salamander 2 to be played? Probably not.

Here's where I just rescued Moai, he attacks by banging his head...most powerful character, too.

Kinda funny to picture Moai flying the Viper, attacking his own kind. How does he even fit?

An early cinema.

Yeah, we're really back in the day of 8-bit graphics here.

This is more like it! Notice the familiar shield and options. There is no powerup bar, you just get what you pick up, like in the PC engine Salamander.

An enemy. (Simple games deserve simple reviews)

The graphics are a little buggy here, but you are flying through what looks like a rib cage, with hands grabbing for you. Very similar to Life Force.

The boss-he's pretty simple, just circles and spits things at you.

The Viper's landed, and Kong is off to finish the job. This is how the main game plays.

Just thought that would be a nice little change of pace from most hardcore shooters. I included a save state from Nofrendo right at the shooter part, to save some time.


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