Image Fight - IREM

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Only toughnut, calloused, dedicated shmuppers need apply.

Reviewed by Roger Post

Another week, another case of Bud and a shooter cracked. All is normal in shmup-world: here's Image Fight, from Roger Post. Take it away Rog!

Image Fight is another somewhat difficult Irem shooter. This one's innovative, because you are evaluated in how many enemies you shoot each level, and if you don't keep up with the average you face the nearly impossible (drum roll please....) PENALTY ZONE!

The small powerup side guns are blue for fixed shot, or brown for opposite-way the-ship-goes-shot, and the front weapon powerup offers neat Irem weaponry (one is a circle barrier you can smash enemies with, a-la the Rtype pod)

Setup: After going through the pilot's checklist (good tunes, extra Twinkies, spare batteries) you are all set to start the mission.

You know the story by now...aliens...bla bla..invasion..yadda yadda...only you can save the Earth...(yawn)


Boss 1: One problem with this game is not much room to move around. The first boss throws gigantic bubbles at you, which unfortunately don't pop if you hit them...


Boss 2: It's not the Borg, it's a boring square with movable guns...I think a former geometry teacher was a programmer of Image Fight (circles and squares now...)


Boss 3: This guy fires many homing lazers, very frequently which are not easy to dodge. Try to take him out quick if you can.


Boss 4: This guy just rains about a zillion missiles on's a secret - he's weak on the side.

Stay above the missiles and they won't be a problem.

Weapon: Use the "oo" weapon to smash through enemies, or make words such as: school, drool, fool, pool, bugaloo...


Level 5: The last level in IREM shooters promises to have some alien looking feel to it, and also increase in difficulty. These guys are protected in front, and must be hit in the back or sides.

If you don't have powerups, you may want to start over (IREM games are usually all or nothing-easy if you are poweredup, impossible if you die even once).


Boss 5: What a roadhog! No room to move around in, and pesky alien eggs chasing you around.

Try to get the inner egg out, then jump in and plug away at what an alien uses for a "mouth".


Penalty: Whoops...I got two minutes for high sticking....have to play the penalty area!

Tough: There are no powerups in the penalty zone, and many many bloodthirsty and ruthless foes which don't let up shooting at you. All this and I left the iron on before I left the spaceport.

Ending: There is no ending shot because the stupid game freezes at the end!!!!!! AAAAARRRRGGGG all that for nothing.... (well, you DID save the earth Roger? - Malc


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