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Reviewed by Roger Post

E.D.F. - "Enough Doggone Frogger!" Let's play a shooter! "Excited Defender Freak" "Einhander Doesn't Flow…"

Nope, you've probably guessed by now that EDF stands for Earth Defense Force, the elite group of pilots chosen to, well, defend the Earth. While EDF doesn't break any barriers in the shoot-em-up hall of fame, it's not too bad of a rainy-day shmup that offers at least one major innovation, the experience power up bar.

EDF is your usual alien invader blasting six level "don't bother me I'm trying to beat this game" shootemup. I have no problem with that, but since there are so so so soooooo many of this kind, if you want to jump on the bandwagon of atypical shmups, there had better be bang up graphics, bosses, music, or level design to make the game stand out.

Unfortunately, EDF offers none of this. At the beginning of each level, you can pick from four different weapon systems: the vulcan, the laser, the atomic shot, and the homing shot. By now, most shooter fans should know what each one does. But after the blood pounding weapon select process, the excitement trails off from here on. Levels are kinda dull, and bosses aren't that creative.

One innovative idea with EDF is the powerup system. The more enemies you destroy, the more exp. you gain on the bottom left hand bar. Fill the bar and raise up a weapon level. EDF combines a little role play element with a fast paced shooter, which was interesting. The ship is given three hits, but they are used up quickly. While I wasn't too impressed with EDF, it is worth playing through just to sharpen the old skills for a more qualified game.

There even was a SNES translation, and if I remember right there were more weapons and slightly different levels. However I have to say I prefer the arcade version more, if at all.

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I played EDF on its SNES version, but it was quite a long time ago, and I forgot how it was, so I can't form a propper opinion =P.I should try the arcade version, maybe it reminds me how the SNES game was for making a good comparison.

- Akira


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