Crisis Force - Konami

Crisis Force

Reviewed by Neil Salvemini
Sub comments by JP-San

Crisis Force is an excellent piece of work on the Famicom! It has an incredible amount of frenzied gameplay that originally made it's Gradius series so popular in Japan. In fact, Gradius for the Famicom originally sold over 1 million units in Japan! The game offers 2-player simultaneous play, and the ability to switch among three different ships at and time during play! A real treasure for any Nintendo Family Computer Owner!

Story: It seems as though the dreaded "Death-Arm", as I like to call it, has found a new owner and is ready to ravage the entire planet! Mankind's only hope lies with a male and female duo of pilots. Blast off as you fight against hordes of bio-monsters high in the sky!

Graphics: The graphics in Crisis Force are excellent! there are cool effects including multi-tierdness, flashing colors, many enemies on screen at once, and even great parallax, once only seen this prominent in the Sega MegaDrive shooter, MUSHA Aleste. I give the Graphics an 8 out of 10

Sound: Nice BGM! Very fast-paced with great drums! The sound effects are cool as well, and definitely worth mentioning for the fading sounds that are frequently heard during the game. VERY similar to the music in Contra Spirits for Super Famicom. I just cant stop thinking that it has that Crisis-esque, cybernetic, "Let's attack agre ssively" kinda feel to it, if you know what I mean. 9 out of 10

Gameplay: Awesome! The 2-player mode is FRENZIED! Plus, the game has more than one difficulty mode. *AHEM! For this review, I completed the HARD mode of the game. *HACK *COUGH... 10 out of 10

~Let the Cybernetic Carnival begin~
~For the fight of memory to the Annual Summer Carnival!~

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6
Stage 7   ENDING!

Another big one by Neil. Thank you! Please! Tone down those screenshots a bit! Too many! (hehehe)

Crisis Force eh? I remember hearing about this from Rob Strangman. Quite rare beastie so it is. I got the ROM a while ago and I wasn't particularly impressed by it, it is good, but not nut-grabbingly so. Guess it's each to their own really ;) - Felix the Cat


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