Coryoon - Naxat Soft


Reviewed by Wing L. Mui

If you think Parodius is cute, think again. Coryoon is an insanely cute shump with a cute little green dragon trying to save the universe (well, at least the solar system or something) from some evil dark shadowy thing. Apprently the evil shadow enemy turned the beautiful Princess of your planet who is also your best friend into an even cuter child-like SD version and made everything else evil. Your job is to travel through the solar system killing things and once everything's dead the world will be normal again as usual. The killing, of course, is made complicated by insanely cute bosses and large amounts of firepower.

Okay, so the plot is kinda dumb, but it's a shump, and a cute one at that, so plots are irrelevant. As mentioned before, you're a little green dragon. Your main mode of attack is by spitting small fireballs. By letting go of the attack button you'll start to choke on your flaming breath and then unleash a big fireball by pressing the button that goes through stuff and is utterly useless because it deals crap damage. Sometimes cranes carrying shiny power-up balls appear, and they'd run like chickens once you shoot them and drop the power-up behind. The balls cycle from red to blue to yellow, each representing a different weapon. Red is the short range flamethrower which is insanely powerful but, well, short range. Blue is the wave gun which fires blue waves... very widespread. Yellow is multiple shot which is the standard 3,5,8 way gun in most shumps and deals no damage. If you have a weapon and get the same color power-up you'll upgrade it, and if you get hit you lose all your power-ups. If you get hit without a power-up you like, die.

Occasionally you'll see these shiny things pop out from enemies which come in the forms of clovers, spades, hearts and diamonds. Getting a Spade gives you a smart bomb which kills everything, including bullets. (You can only have one bomb at a time.) Diamonds makes you tiny so you can dodge easier. Hearts give you protective shielding in the form of rotating faeries. I have no idea what Clovers do... (Turns you Irish?)

Anyway, now the insanity and also the coolest part of the game begins: everything that dies turns into a fruit. Kill something, it goes PON (yes, the explosion is accompanied with the letters PON) and turns into a fruit that arcs down. Catch it for yummy points. That also brings us to the point of this game: points. To hell with the universe when you have a few billion points! Every time you deal some damage, no, not killing something, but just damaging it, nets you 10 points. Killing them will reveal fruits that give you at least 100 points. Some giant fruits yield a few thousand or even tens of thousands of points. Try spraying a boss with an upgraded flamethrower and watch your score grow! Also, every certain amount of points nets you a new dragon, and you can get up 9 lives... Which you would need when you're slaughtering millions of enemies in an asteroid field with fruits (and bullets) flying all over the place. It's insane! (Bosses give you so much points that you automatically get at least 2 lives after killing one of them!)

Okay. The graphics. It's cute. Not detailed, but cute. (Really, cartoon chickens don't really get that detailed...) It's a different style from most shumps, and the scrolling is fast. (I remember it boasting "advanced screening" stuff when they advertised for it in a gaming mag...) But really, you're not gonna like it if you don't like anime art. The levels have very interesting backgrounds, though they kind of make looking for bullets heading toward you harder. Only complain I have is that the boss battles are all in this hyperspac-ish-cave background, which is boring after the 10th boss or so... (Did I mention that the bosses are disgustingly cute also?)

I'm half deaf, so I really can't say much about the sound except that it's very very catchy and the PONs are kinda cool... Gameplay-wise this is a great game. It has the insanity to make anyone go insane if not for the huge amount of points you get. Also I'd say that the difficulty isn't quite high as it was the first shump I even finished (brings tears to my eyes...) and I kind of suck in shumps. And once you beat the game you can try another diffuculty setting (easy, as I recall, doesn't let you access Stage 8 and gives you a crappy ending) or play the Time Mode. The Time Mode (2 or 5 minutes) is exactly like that of Super Star Soldier (which I managed to get to to final form of the final boss then died...) or the other PCE games with this mode: you have a horde of enemies, your only weapon is the multiple shot, the game ends when you run out of lives or time, and you try to kill as much as possible. Very addictive. The one thing that makes this game hard is that there are too many things going on at once...

On a side note: Back 10 years ago in Hong Kong there were annual shump championships where expert players would try to play a PCE game with 5-minute Time Mode and get the highest score... Apprently they didn't have Twinkle Star Sprites back then. =) Ahh, the days when the PCE was king...

Finally, there is a tiny little thing about the game: Sometimes there'd be glitches and cheats are activated for no reason. It only happened on my huCard though, and I never had any problems with the ROM. Now play this game, damn it!

Levels 1 & 2:
Ghetto cartoons and underwater seafood restaurants... yummy!

Levels 3, 4 & 5:
The Grand Canyon, Egypt and inside a large and HOT volcano!

Levels 6, 7 & 8:
The Crystal Caves, ice cubes and The Black Road...

How cute...

^^ Look at that, peaceful little kingdom... until this armored shadow appears... and zaps everything... and turn the princess into a little girl so she can't buy beer legally! (Wait, she sets the laws...)

A large review from Aeon Wing! Cheers man!
I had a go on Coryoon one fine summer's day, when I was fuelled with alcohol and cigarettes, and I can tell you it's a blast! Get past the nauseating cutey characters and you'll find a worthwhile blaster there! Loads of points to get, and loads of longevity to keep you gripped...


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