Aero Star - VIC Tokai

Ok, that road looking thing in the center is the track...can't get off this unless jumping, and if you land off it, you die. The jump bar up top is how much jump jet you have, and the longer you hold the button down the more you are in the air. Fun!

Ok, Akira here!
This is the first boss. It looks quite impressive, and because you just can't get off the road, must be difficult to maneouvre in this screen!

Level 2!
Now, where's the goddamn road? I guess the road here is this thing the ship is on top of. I wonder where's the rest of it?

(Quite difficult to caption games you didn't played! =P)

Level 2 Boss.
I have the same huge question here... WHERE'S MY ROAD!!!!

I guess you have to kill the meanie just limited to wander in that little section of terrain.

Level 3
This must be some kind of mid-boss, it's quite huge, and.. OH MY GOSH! Now they completely eliminated my road! Hey Rog! Does this thing fly every now and then??????

Haha! Good joke Rog! "Let's send Akira this uncaptioned review, put 2 screenshots that are exactly the same, with different name, and let's see what he can do".

The name says it's the boss... Either I have a deja vu or the name is wrong... or the boss is actually the same. =P

Ok! Level 4!
This looks like one of those levels full of walls that have spikes, so you better avoid them! Keep as far away from them as possible, while keeping an eye at the baddies that are after you.

Here's Level 4's Boss. Again, I just don't know where the road is. What the heck, I'll forget about the road and treat the game as a usual shmup, or else I'll get crazy (MORE? =)

This is Level 5.

Obviously this thing is a little H.R. Giger inspired... check out the alien head coming out from the wall, and the typical Giger "byomechanics" designs...

Looks kinda like Devil's Crush too =)

Whooa! Huge level 5 boss on the Gameboy screen! check out the size of that thing, behold the power of the little handheld beast =)

I guess you have to avoid that ball, that will happilly follow you all the time...

On to Level 6.
This looks like a rather out of the earth scenery... with all those planets and stuff...

Looks like that ship in front can slide thru this things in the screen....
(did you notice Akira is clueless? =)

Well, the file says something about "plat", so I bet ya there's a platform somewhere over here ... Hmmmm.

The boss of level 6...
This one looks quite difficult, seems like his split in many parts, and you have to take care of them all...

Well, "take care" in the shmup form we all know, ie shoot the crap out of it =)

Level 7
What the hell is this? Looks like a city... with some ships that unfold conveyor belts all over it... Or maybe they're wrapping the earth up to give it as a present to the Mister Bad Guy of the game...

Here it says "16eat"... I guess is time for lunch, so you go to the local restaurant, fill your stomach with lotsa food, and you regain energy to face the final boss?

Level 7 boss!

Woohoo, I'm scared.. Good thing I visited the restaurant, this thing will drain my energy as fast as it can!

Looks like my moves are very limited in this one..

The screenshot says "real", so maybe it means it's time for a reality check... Oops, my ship got burned. looks like the boss ate something that was expired, and he got food poisoning, expelling this nasty fire burps =P

The end!!!

I can see the road here! Remember me to not caption again a game I didn't played! =P

This is a shame. It looks like the Aerostar review I got is incomplete! Either something got lost in the way or the review is unfinished... So you will have to cope with my captions after the screenshot sumber 3 =P. I had to give it a score too, based on Roger's review. I hope is approximately what he wanted to give to the game
Looks like a fabo game, I like a lot Bump n' Jump, and shooters of course, so the mixture must be something to look for. And if the Postman recommends it, this oughta be good! =)

- Akira


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